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WWII France vs. Thailand Battle of Koh Chang (naval) Why did they fight, and whose side were the French on?

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    The Battle of Koh Chang took place on January 17, 1941 during the French-Thai War and resulted in a decisive victory by the French over the Thai Navy. Despite the fall of France in 1940 the Vichy government still held sway over France's colonial territories abroad. One of these territories was French Indochina, what we know today as Vietnam. With the defeat of mainland France obvious doubt was thrown over her ability to defend the far flung outposts of the empire. French Indochina held a particular attraction to her neighbour to the West, Thailand.

    During the war years, one of the aims of the Siam (Thai) military government of that time was to promote patriotism among Thai people. The sentiment of the day was to reclaim the former Siam’s lands in Indochina (Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam). These lands once belonged to Siam, before they were being aggressively pursued by a series of forced annexations by French Colonialism in years between 1867-1906, under the reign of King Chulalongkorn. The defeat of France by the Nazi military stimulated Thai military government to start the plan of getting back the lost territories.

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