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Give some practical applications of gas laws?

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please...i nid it right now
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Hot air balloons are a good illustration of Charles' law... that gases expand when they're heated. A bicycle pump illustrates Boyle's law: if you put your finger over the end of a bike pump and push in the plunger, the gas pressure inside will increase, and you'll feel it trying to push your finger out of the way. Pressure of a gas increases with temperature, which is why you need to change the amount of air in your car tires when it gets very hot or very cold (Gay-Lussac's law), and blowing up a balloon involves Avogadro's law... the more gas molecules you blow into the balloon, the larger the volume becomes.

Just a few of many examples!
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  • George F answered 7 years ago
    Putting air into a tire, or basket bal the Higher pressure buy adding more molecules (n) the pressure increases because the volume stays the same.

    A weather balloon increases in volume as it rises because the external pressure decreases.

    Climbing mount Everest as you go higher up the mountain the air pressure decreases . Therefore you can suck less air into you lungs because your lungs a have a fixed volume.

    Boiling water in a can that is sealed will cause the can to explose a. The gases (as liquid water goes from the liquid phaseto the vapor stage the number of gass molecule increase. But since the Can has a fixed volume, the pressure will increase . If enough heat is added the internal pressure will exceed the stenght of the can and it will spring a leak (explosively).
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  • give some practical applications of gas laws?
    please...i nid it right now
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