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Where do i get norton 360 product key?

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Best Answer
Use these....they are more reliable and they are FREE.....

Ccleaner works very well...
Advanced WindowsCare Professional .works very well also...
Avira AntiVirĀ® PersonalEdition Classic....



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  • chezzrob answered 7 years ago
    When you buy norton 360 you get an email from symantec. You neec to keep this info forever. I kept mine on a word doc.
    You are able to instal 360 on 3 computers.

    Always download as afile and install from the file. You can use the same file on the 3 computers.
    You click the install and it asks for the product key which you paste it in

    you get the key from your norton account which is tricky to find you need to keep that info to
    here is the link.


    here is some info on 360, it is a good program.
    Norton 360 turning it on/off
    open task and settings page by right click the icon
    the icon is located by the clock

    Turn on:
    click on advance settings
    1.tick the three top boxes on the rhs column

    2.click on the firewall, protection. bullet it on and alerts off

    3 apply and close as required

    4 click on undo and exclude select automatic tools tab. Untick the weak passwords check, tick the other three.

    Turn off:
    Untick the boxes above. Select the firewall off as well.

    Firewall behaviour:

    If you doing stuff like setting up a network, disable the firewall.
    Get everything running, and enable the fire wall while its running. The firewall will make rules to suit.
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  • Faek answered 7 years ago
    It usually comes when you get norton legally
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  • where do i get norton 360 product key?
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