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My employer is asking me to sign a new contract, which will allow them to pay me less money for the same job.?

Can they do this?

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    They can give 13 weeks notice to change the contractual elements of your position, e.g. hours etc. I don't believe that they can demote your pay for exactly the same contract though - are you sure that this is what they are asking you to do.

    If they are changing your contract so that you are in the same job but are working less hours and therefore your pay will fluctuate, they are legally allowed to do this as long as they give you notice.

    The best thing to do if you are not happy is speak to a union rep or see citizens advice.

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    It's not bitchy. It's life. I almost had to do the same thing earlier this month. In an ideal world, the Subway and Tesco offers will come about the same time, so that you don't have to accept the Subway one before the Tesco one. If the Subway one comes earlier, ask for 24 to 48 hours to "think about the final offer" to give Tesco a chance to respond. I don't know if Subway *supervisors* sign a contract--usually fast food/retail jobs don't require a contract, though, so you would be free to leave whenever (assuming you're in an at-will state). Just make sure if there is a contract that you read it carefully, so that you know under what circumstances you can leave.

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    don,t sign it. they have no right to change the terms and conditions of your original contract of employment without your agreement. so your original contract terms will apply. if they sack you for not signing the new contract you can take them to industrial tribunal for constructive dismissal and breach of contract. what they are trying to do to you is known as variation of contract and means they are tyring to vary the terms of the original conrtact to offer you less money, stick to your guns and seek help from your local citizens advice bureau immediatly.

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    No.... they would have to make you redundant and then rehire you as far as i know. They can't change your wages for the same job - tell them you'll seek legal action to find out your rights before you sign it and I bet they cr*p theselves...

    Good luck and don't let them walk over you, employers like this p*ss me off!!

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    Phone citizens advice,i don't think any company can force you to sign a contract legally.Don't sign anything till you get legal advice.

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    they can give you 90 days notice in order to change your contract. then you sign or get another job. but if they are going to pull this stunt, do you want to work for them anyway?

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    they can terminate the old job and offer you a new one at a reduced rate of pay

    alternatively they could just pay you less but this wudave to be with uour consent

    this comes from acas.... check with them

    Source(s): acas
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    My employer is going to do the same thing. Your alternative is to resign.

  • Anonymous
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    then return the favour by asking them to sign one paying you more, for less hours.

    yes they can ask, but only an idiot would agree.

    you have no legal obligation to sign.

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    Don't sign it.

    And in case they insist, go looking for another job.

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