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Korean age?

somebody... lease explain clearly the age/bday system in korea. and how does the lunar calendar work? how is it related to bdays?! thanks... example i was born at march 14, 1994

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    As of January first, you turned one year older. Every one did. So you are actually one year older that your birth date.

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    Korean Age

  • Korean age is kinda weird.

    As soon as your born, you are considered as a one year old..

    and every January 1st, you turn one year older.

    This way your american age can be 1-2yrs less than your Korean age.

    I am 14 in America and 16 in Korea.

    You are probably about 15 or something..

    The lunar calendar doesn't really relate

    in the old times Koreans used to use the lunar calendar so my parents have like 2 different birthdates.. soo forget about that

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    International age is what americans use, the western way of stating your age.

    In korea, when you were born you're already 1 yr. old. Then, every new year, you become a year older... but when you celebrate your bday, whatever age you turned to that new year, that's the age you'll celebrate. Example, this new year I turned 16. On my bday, I'll celebrate my 16th bday...

    this is based from what i've read...

    Source(s): any korean can correct me or agree with me... :D
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    when your starting a new year like example last yr ur 14 then so when the first january starts this yr u turn 15 already everyone is considered 15 as an example and soo on

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    Have a look at this link

    My husband is Korean. His Korean birthday is January 22, English birthday February 13. (Just as an example)

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    Some Asian countries have two type of ages one is called international age another is national age. Nationanl age is a year more I dont know why. Maybe because we give one year to baby as he/she is born.

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    simple. if you already passed your birth day this year. add 1 to your age. if you not, add to 2 to your age

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