**URGENT**What is 7-Eleven supply chain strategy

What is 7-Eleven supply chain strategy?

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    The decisions of setting what kind of goods are under which production facilities, what retailing and warehouse locations, how much the inventory levels for each item and by what transportion mode & routing for delivery. these are 7-Eleven supply chain strategies.


    What items should be produced by own facilities or subcontract them to outsiders but carrying the 7-11 brand and also what should be buying in? The fast cooked foods--fish balls belong to the former.


    Retail locations are mostly set at populated residential areas for 24 hour service for buyer convenience


    Large no. of small size stores have been set up around HK-- due to very high rent pay that spaces are samll, their inventories of each item keeping are low, but they are wide varieties of neccessities or FMCGs, which are most wants by customers at urgent and daily base, however customers are willing to pay at premium.


    By high frequent milk-run for small quantity delivery to each store around HK

    Demand forecast with computer aid(POS) for a precise inventory decision, that would also accord to latest weather change and possible events being carried out in nearby community

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