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最好有埋example !!

in fact , i found the story unbelievable because/for example when_____________________________

I think the part in the movie i enjoyed best was when (explain the event)


_______________________ .

Another character i thought was very good was __________ ,played by_________ (name of actor). He/she was intelligent in the scence where he/she _________________________________

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    because the actress (tomb raider/Cradle of Life - Lara Croft) performed a lot of difficult physical actions such as she somersaulted & escape from many traps. She faced her greatest challenges in danger.

    I enjoyed best was when the bad guys gave Lura a shot, she ran & ran, I stop breathing because the bullet was nearly sideswiped in inch!

    I thought very good was Chen Lo, played by Simon Yam. He was intelligent in the scence where he successfully took the treasure by a cunning trick. He was a bad guy in the film.

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