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無關星座? 出生季節影響人生2007/12/03










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    Birth Signs irrelevent? Birth Season Influences Life

    Scientists claim that a person's birth seaon influences him more than his

    birth sign. Your birth seaon may have already predestined your

    personality and health.

    The British Weekly (?--> just a name, you can search online) reports, that

    in the Northern hemisphere, women who are born in May are likely to

    have quick tempers, while those who were born in November are the most

    clear-minded. Men who are born in the spring are more diligent than those

    who are born in the winter.

    Other researches show, that Autumn people are great athletes, and are

    especially capable at soccer. And the spring people like brain exercises,

    and are good at chess.

    People who are born between September and Dencember are more likely

    to panic on short notice, while those who are born in late winter, early

    spring are more likely to have split personalities. Professor Weasman

    (this is a name, I just translated it directly) of the University of (name,

    you can find online) concluded that personality is influenced by temperature

    under which the person was born.

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    Professor Chotai (name) of the University of Umia (name!) in Sweden said, that amount of hormones in a child-bearing mother's body changes according the seasonal cycles, causing every baby to

    grow under unique circumstances.

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    Chotai said, temperature, virus spread, the amount of sunlight, life style,

    and nutrition balance all change according to seasonal cycle. For

    example, the temperature is low, the sunlight dim, and the virus spread

    more violent in the winter.

    2008-01-07 14:55:29 補充:

    These factors affect the hormones in the mother. Babies born in the summer are less

    Astrologists claimed that people's personalities are influenced by

    their signs. But scientists claimed that the effect of the seasons are

    purely biological, and has nothing to do with the positions of the stars.

    2008-01-07 14:56:39 補充:

    Also, Professor Walts of the University of Manchester discovered that,

    while researching on England and Wales' married couples, signs

    are completely unrelated to relationship behaviors.

    no particular sign that would attract another particular sign. This might

    lead the astrologist to a scold.

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    PS. I know it's kinda messedup, that's cuz I have word limits. I'll give you the complete one if you really wanted.

    Source(s): us high school student
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    Irrelevant constellation? The birth season influence life 2007/12/03

    scientist believed that, but affects the human life is the birth season is not the constellation, because is born the season in advance has possibly decided a person's individuality and the health.

    無關星座? 出生季節影響人生2007/12/03





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