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    Loses sleep the reason has very many kinds, the first kind is the mood

    is not good perhaps has the pressure, in the heart has too many

    worries the matter not to solve, all piles up in the heart, such child

    gets down for a long time also can cause to lose sleep, solution is

    must first the worry matter in order solution, the mood naturally be

    able to relax down, could not lose sleep

    The second kind is the mood goes to extremes stimulated, also is the

    adrenalin rise, the adrenalin rise can cause person's mood to continue

    stimulated, static not to get down, under such situation also can have

    the situation production which loses sleep, but this is short, the

    person certainly cannot occupy for a long time under the stimulated

    condition, solution relaxes own mood, listens to the music which some

    is relaxed may help sleeps soundly, this time you not to be possible

    again to drink an irritant thing, for example:Milk, honey.. It may relax the mood which you is anxious or pulls

    taut, lets you achieve sleeps soundly effect

    The third kind is the sleep time excessively long, person day need

    sleep time is eight hours, is lower than or surpasses all may not, but

    if the sleep time excessively is long, for example: Above 12 hours.

    The work and rest not only can disrupt, which should sleep has instead

    been able not to rest to the time the evening, same day this

    appearance situation can create loses sleep, solution adjusts the good

    correct daily schedule, let own biological clock restore to the normal

    active status, moreover, if were must solve immediately losing sleep,

    could not attempt makes a movement to consume own physical

    strength to let oneself want to sleep, for example:

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    我很抱歉 但我覺得報告至少自己寫過 大家再幫你改比較好

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