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What is a good way to tan? and a good diet to follow?

So I live in Seattle thus I live with the burden of only being able to tan when its warm enough: Summer. As well, I have a very difficult time tanning. I don't want to go to a tanning salon, so I was hoping someone could suggest a Sun Tan lotion than really works or a regime that super tans me!. Not those rub on tans. I have pale skin and many freckles. I love my freckles, and I would also love if someone could tell me if its possible to get more, and how?

As for the diet, I love food. But I can cut back. I don't want to stop eating, but since I've been working out more, I want a diet that helps me. If someone could tell me a diet that worked for them, that would be great.


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Bonus points if you tell me how to get more freckles

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    lol and even during the summer its kinda cold so it sucks. recently moved to port townsend and its so dismal and blah but pretty sunny when it feels like it. Jergen's darkening lotion is the only one i trust, but in order for it to work you have to dedicate yourself to it like 5-10 minutes a day, in order to do a thorough job. start with the lotion for fair skin tones, and then after 2-3 weeks you might move on to medium/tan skin tone. make sure to rub in very well and everywhere! on your ankles, hands, and other joints rub on normal lotion to prevent oranging. wash your hands after.

    to keep your face tan too, by the tanning lotion for face in fair, etc. etc. it wont clog your pores and gives you a nice shining glow.

    I dont think you can make yourself freckles, i think you need those tanning rays from the booth or sun to clump the melanin together. lol i have a big very dark birthmark on my leg and people are all like ew, im just like stfu dont be a hater lol cuz im "2%" black.

    as for the diet, cut back on dairy, sweets, no pop or excess stuff like butter or condiments (but i like mustard :)), no bread unless you are going to make a sandwich with it or if it is in small amounts (especially no white breads like white tortilla)

    no corn chips, junky foods, candy, muffins (these are just LOADED with cals and sugar much to your surprise!) red meat ehhh nooo. stick to leaner meats, eat nuts often but only a handful each time, start eating more fish trust me it helped for some reason, rices and pastas and soups are okayyyy but just limit it to like a cup at a time. Fruits and veggies can never go wrong, but remember..potatoes and corn are more straches sooooo ehhhhhhh. Fruits, however good they are for you, are still sugar so limit it to two-to three servings a day

    water like all the time. warm water kick starts metabolism. stay away from coffee! lol ms. seattle. if you eat right, then youll be energized and it would be totally unnecessary

    just remember, what you put into your body is a really big deal. it keeps you alive and it just maintains everything. when you eat ****, youll feel like ****, your body will work like ****, when you eat right, youll feel amazing about yourself and you everything about you will be terrific.

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    Freckles are just a group of cells that contain color. They're not harmful or the sign of a health problem. They are just cells that contain color that are in your skin in small batches. Someone with a light complexion has less melanin in his or her skin. Melanin is a chemical produced by certain skin cells that helps protect the skin from sun damage by reflecting and absorbing ultraviolet rays. The more melanin you have in your skin, the tanner you look! People with fair skin have less melanin in their skin to begin with, but some of their skin cells make more melanin when exposed to the sun. So instead of easily getting an even suntan, they sometimes get freckles. So they really are 'tiny tans'. There's not much you can do to get rid of them, although avoiding the sun and wearing sun screen might help to keep them light. But you'll be happy to know that a lot of people think that freckles are beautiful.

    so pretty much sit in the sun(:

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