Where can i take my car to get it hooked up (need for speed style) ?

I have an acura integra and i was wondering if companies like Spoon Motorsports will turn your car into a race car if you just throw money at them. or what are the key words i should be using when i try googling for these services.

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    wow seems the integra has a bad name where you are.

    Over here the same attitude is put towards Ford and Opel mainly .If you have a Japanese car you are on the up.

    Love the integra and wouldnt say no to a dc5/ type R version as a second car.



    What seems to have happened to world over is after watching films etc many folks have tried added kits etc to many cars which maybe should have them if they want but sometimes it taken over the top.

    Hence when you have a decent car like the Integra it now has this bad feedback.I feel the best thing for you to do is add

    a simple kit and not overdue the look.But hey you do as you want.

    Anyway back to the car at the end of the day when i had taken cars to tuners they always say you a £$ keep it coming and we will get you the BHP.

    Unless you want really high bhp and on a low budget then your best adding simple mods like a decat and performance airfilter etc,which every you go for i would try on Interga forums,as you will find many other owners will guide you towards to best places to go and where not to and many traders and tuners are on those forums also.

    Also other owners will tell you what parts to get from the right places and again where not to go for parts and what parts dont work and which ones work best.

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    No man, you cannot get Spoon to build you a car, you are in America, Spoon Sports is in japan. Also, I'm just gonna let you in on this right now but....

    If you really had the money to "throw at them," you wouldn't be asking this question on yahoo answers, you'd already have friends and associates that are rolling around in sweet cars that would be able to show you a hookup or better yet, you'd look for a car that already has that stuff done to it. It's that simple

    Did you really ask this to be taken serious? Or are you just trying to get the funniest replies of pissed off people?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow, some of these answers make me think people hate Honda's. Yes, some are slow but there are plenty of 9 and 10 second 1/4 mile Civic's and 11 second daily drivers with 700+ horsepower. So to you people I say :P

    Back to the question, JE Engine Dynamics will build you a motor. You have the choice of turbo or non-turbo applications and you would pay at least $5,000 for a prepped head and block. I believe they will even install it if your in Cali. If your looking to have someone famous build you a motor it would be them. They are used by many drag racers and look pimp with the gold coated block.

    For the rest of the vehicle, any normal shop would be able to take care of the suspension, interior, etc.

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    i would not waste the time or money on a damn honda/acura,you could wind up spending 3000 dollars and only end up with 20 more hp than stock, seen it happen before, to the guy who calls a chevy cavalier a pos,mine has 240293k on it and it has never left me stranded, does not use a drop of oil,tranny fluid or any other type of fluid,does not burn oil and its still pretty and gld after every oil change:) i race it everyday, and it has never broken, how many cars can you honestly say that about? you will not be able to have your car done by spoon unless you ship it to japan...gl:) hope you dont waste to much money and still get beat

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    You can buy parts from compants such as spoon, however they won't do the work for you. As for the parts you can buy them online at places like eBay,craigslist, and companys sites. Most mechanic shops can install the parts you get. Or better yet you can do it yourself. However as ypi most likely don't know lots about cars I would recomend a mechanic. Also promise me you won't bodykit and put Wings on your car. We have to many rice trash hondas out there. They make us Honda entusist's look bad. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you are a discrace to honda and everyone who owns one. No wonder some people look at anyone with an import as a joke. People like you are what give Hondas a bad rep. How about u do what all the other ricers do and go get a chevy caviler or some other pos car and then try to "trick it out"

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    u have an integra accura is that american version for honda????? so what model integra u diving gl,vti,vtir,type-s or top of the range is type- r if you want good parts for honda look up mugen parts there special aftermarket company for honda which makes performance parts for them and it depends what you want to do are im guessing you want your car to be a ricer all show no go plenty of places to go for that im in aus but shur in the US should be plenty

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    first off, need for speed style and spoon sports are very different styles. spoon goes for the understated look while need for speed goes for flash and pizzaz.

    i am not sure if spoon sports does that here, but they do have opak racing as their official distributor. contact them

    Source(s): opak racing spoonsports.us a & j racing http://aj-racing.com/catalog/home.php king motorsports (mugen distributor) http://www.kingmotorsports.com/ westcoast customs http://www.westcoastcustoms.com/contact/index.html
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    1 decade ago

    Great. Just what we needed.

    Another loud Acura Intergra that looks fast but really isn't.

  • 1 decade ago

    just like the show ''pimp my ride'' you will need a place like that around where you live so the could hook you up

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