how to make paper clay?

can somebody teach me how to make paper clay, in simple terms please. thanks!

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    How To Make Paper Clay - an "easy paper clay recipe"

    All you need to make paper clay is cheap toilet paper. You also need the clay - earthenware has the lowest firing temperature and comes in white or earth red.

    The first step is to pull the sheets off the roll, The paper fibres need to be separated, so get them ripped up and into your glass bowl. Pour boiling hot water over the paper, letting it cool a little, before mushing it up to break down the fibres further.

    Using cheap paper, any colour, and soaking in boiled water breaks down the fibres more quickly and you don't need to put it in your kitchen blender to break them up like you would have to do if you used cold water. So it saves time, effort and food poisoning!

    Once the water has cooled a little, mix the fibres up with an old fork or leave until warm, don't burn yourself, and simply mix it up with your hands.

    Important Tip: Do not put any paper fibre waste down your sink/drains or you will block then (over time).

    How to prepare paper clay mixture Once your paper fibres have broken down, drain the water by either putting the mixture through a sieve, outside on your compost heap or somewhere other than the drains, or into close net/weaved material and squeeze the water out.

    The photo shows: clay, in a plastic container filled with water, the intention is for it to break down into a runny, but thick'ish' liquid. On top sits a lovely clump of paper fibres.

    Break your clay up into smallish pieces into a plastic bowl of cool water. Throw the paper fibres on top.

    The best bit:

    That little recipe is then mixed well in together. The kids love to make this paper clay recipe. Sit them outside on a nice day and they get their hands in there to squish the mixture well in. They just love getting really mucky. It's actually quite a therapeutic pastime.

    Once mixed it looks like a big bowl of porridge, that's the consistency you should aim for.

    How to Make Paperclay - Firstly my apologies, I don't have a photo, I did take one but it didn't come out (no points for guessing I am not a photographer)!

    Next Step: Is to turn your porridge-like mixture into 'plastic' workable clay.

    I use a plaster slab. Making a plaster slab is simple, you just need to purchase some potters plaster (search online for your nearest stockist), mix the plaster poweder with water, as per the instructions on the packet/tub. Pour the plaster mixture into a mould, I use a plastic container, and leave to set and dry out, over several days.

    Once the plaster slab is dry, pour your clay mixture onto it and leave to stand. The water in the clay mixture will be absorbed into the plaster, leaving the clay 'plastic'. You can tell when its ready by lifting one corner of the clay away from the plaster, if it comes up cleanly, you should be able to pull the now 'sheet of clay' off the plaster. If you have laid on a think layer of clay, you may have to turn the sheet over to dry the topside off.

    If the clay is sticking to the plaster or your hands, it isn't ready. Leave until it comes off cleanly.

    The clay is now ready to 'wedge' then use for your project.

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    this is a messy nasty process. can be smelly too and develop mold. why not just buy some air dry clay from a hobby craft store or on line from Hobby Lobby or Dick Blick, or Cheap Joes? Try working with it on a very small level first before making your own paper clay for a large large project...

    Alternatively, look up your closest ceramic clay supplier and see if they sell paper clay. some do. Try Armadillo Clay in Austin TX or Trinity in Dallas TX. Ask for any flyers on usage and firing techniques or purchase a booklet on paper clay use.

    you shred up lots of thin white paper (tissue or bath tissue) (don't use newspaper because of the ink) and put it into water until it becomes mushy. Add a tiny bit of clorox to avoid mold development. mix equal parts of the mush and terra cotta or earthenware clays from a clay supplier and you have to mix it very very very well to get an even distribution. This is a very labor intensive process, even for about a pound - it has to be wedged over and over again to get uniformity. Artists use a pug mill for this (something large and expensive.) Yes, it is supposed to be fired in a kiln (not a home oven.)

    the upside of paper clay is it's light weight after firing and cheap price. The downside is the huge amount of labor and mess.

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    paper clay

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    Paper clay? Never heard of it. Are you thinking of paper mache?

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    never heard of it...paper mache?

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