what are some good abec 9 bearings and also how can you make some slow bearings faster?

i am thinking about buying abec 9 bearings. Also i have some slow bearings too that i want to make faster.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The ABEC number has almost nothing to do with speed. It is a spec for high speed machinery.

    The Zero Drag Pro (www.rollerbob.com/cat-8.html) bearings are very good. Like the Bones and Twin Cam, they are not ABEC rated because they can be made better by not following the standards for something else.

    It depends on why the slow bearings are slow. If they are cruded up inside (usually will sound or feel "crunchy" as you turn them) you need to clean them. If they got that way by running through water, there may be rust that will never clean out completely.

    It is possible that you got some that have a lot of grease in them. That can make a bearing really slow. The answer again is to clean it and lube it properly.

    Oil runs faster in bearings but you will need to reoil them more frequently (easier to do if you leave one shield off).

    Grease is slower but lasts a lot longer.

    If you only use a couple blobs of grease the size of pin heads, then it doesn't slow you down as much but still lasts.

    With oil you only want a small drop of it in the bearings. You can usually get a "needle oiler" at a hardware store or hobby shop that lets you get smaller amounts of oil into the right place.

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