I have an E-machine local drive c is very low on disk space..what do I do?

E-machine only 1 year old. Model W3609. Local drive c is in the read. Please advice

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    First, you should check Internet explorers cache settings.

    Click start, control panel, then Internet Options.

    Once you See the window, you will see a section labeled Temporary Internet Files.

    Click the Settings box there.

    You will see a slide bar and a listing showing disk space to use.

    I would make this only 100Megs or so. Most installs default this to a really huge number.

    The above ideas are all great.

    There is a disk cleanup utility located at Start , Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup

    This will inspect and allow you to clean the areas that might be full.

    The recycle bin is one of the largest problems on some computers.

    Good luck.

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    Ok do you use Lime wire or some other p2p program if so check that all the file you don’t want EG incomplete downloads and such like

    Then go to control panel and add remove program scroll down uninstalling all the programs you don’t use (this may take some time)

    Next run a disk clean start/all programs/system tool/disk clean

    Also if you have xp or vista you have a program called system restore this makes a backup of vital registry files so if it goes wrong you can send your computer back in time to fix the problem. These restore points can be deleted

    Hers how you do this when disk clean has finished click on the tab more tools then click on the delete restore/checkpoints to delete them

    Finely do a defrag this wont give you more space but your computer will run faster

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    For Windows XP go to START >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Cleanup. Click yes.

    You have deleted old temporary Internet Files.

    Start Internet Explorer. Click "Tools" >> Delete History >>

    check the plugins box .... click delete all.

    Close IE.

    Empty the Recycle Bin !!!

    Run defrag from the XP interface.

    Some files, in use like virus definitions, won't defrag.


    1) Unplug from the Internet.

    2) Go to Start >> RUN.

    3) type MSCONFIG.

    4) A window will appear. Choose minimal start up.

    5) Restart

    6) Go to Start >> Run.

    7) type DEFRAG hit enter

    *** You are now running the command line version of Defrag**

    8) When it finishes,,, say 60 to 90 minutes,,

    9) Go to Start >> Run, type Msconfig.

    10) Choose normal start.

    11) Restart

    12) Plug in Internet cable.

    Now EVERYTHING is defragged including virus defs etc.

    Run chkdsk.....

    Search for *.chk files, delete them all, and Empty the Recycle Bin

    If you're still low on disk space get a 4 GB flash drive -- you don't have to even open the case and you can take it with you.

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    Right Click on the hard drive icon, select Properties.

    A window will open and on it there will be a button on it that says Disk Cleanup, click it, another window will show up and it will scan you hard drive and see if there are any files that can be deleted that you don't need, IT WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY DELETE THESE FILES, it will however give you the option (with check boxes) to delete these things. There is only one option in the list that you may not want to delete and that option is the Hibernation file, it can be as big as a couple of GB in size but if you want to use Hibernation on your pc than don't delete this file. Everything else is safe to delete.

    Hope this helped.

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  • 3 years ago

    that's truly elementary to partition your disk once you install homestead windows. You did no longer say in case you had XP or Vista. I continually create a 60GB for XP and 80GB for Vista. 10GB is a lot to small. you may get away with 40GB for XP yet NO smaller than that. You in no way prefer the unfastened area on the OSchronic to be decrease than 50%. After that it will impression overall performance.a quickchronic is an emptychronic. With Vista you are able to strengthen the size with Disk administration. With XP you will could reinstall or get a partition utility.

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    first defrag your hard drive,then uninstall any programs that you dont need which is taking up space on your drive.clear your recycle bin.if you need more space buy an external usb hard drive and copy your photos,music,videos to the external first,then delete from your c drive.this will free up space.

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    1 decade ago

    you need to get ride of some files you must have movies and music to fill up a 120 g drive

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    if its because you have a partition, and have been saving stuff to your OS partition, you need to move the stuff to the other partition, if your just out of room, start deleting stuff you dont need. this will fix the problem, if you want to start all over with a fresh copy of windows, reformat.

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    defrag, delete unwanted programs, and delete temp files, or buy a bigger hard drive

  • 1 decade ago

    clean your drive, maybe add some more if needed

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