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possiable infection???

In october i had a Kindey Infection that hospitalized me for 3 days then a few weeks later a got double pink eye, in november i got Strep throat (an infection). and on christmas day i had my apendix casue it was infected and inflamed. i am only 16 years old and i am a VERY clean person, i no its not my hygene. do you know why this keeps happening and what can i do to keep it from happening again?

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    I'm sorry to hear of your multiple illnesses, but this is not so uncommon. You were probably treated with very strong antibiotics for the kidney infection. Antibiotics kill bad bacteria but they also kill off our good flora we need to keep us from getting other infections. The pink eyes could have been picked up in the hospital or just after you finished off all those antibiotics. The strep throat followed and you were on more antibiotics. Then the appendicitis ( you intestinal flora had been desimated by all the antibiotics). That is why it is so important to take probiotics or eat yogurt with active cultures while on antibiotics. None of these illness are caused by lack of hygeine issues. Get started eating some yogurt daily and build back your immunity. Hope you start to feel better soon.

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    Don't use salt . Buy some sea salt for yourself. Use salt to cure infections in the eyes or throat. Brine renders all virus and bacteria friendly to the body... see salty blood. Pioneers boiled rock salt for cooking.

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    pink eye is EXTREMELY contagious, as is strep throat. It sounds like you are just having a streak of bad luck with illness. Think of it this way, you got it all out of the way at once!!! try taking vitamins: a multi, garlic 2xday, echinacea, vit c... all good for good health

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    Thats the problem. Your too clean. When a person is too hygenic. and are raised that way theyre body never has to fight off bactiera. so when bacteria does enter your body, your body does not have to strength to fight it off, because it never had to before.

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