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suns fan asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

tna FR (who won)?

can I please find out who won all the matches but can i get detailed description on cage angle match please no links please

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    quick results

    Kim def kong

    A.J Tonko def joe and nash

    Judias def Abyss

    team 3 d won

    Lax won

    The PPV opening video played. It centered around the Angle/Christian feud.

    Rock & Rave Infection vs. Latin American Exchange

    Hoyt and Rave introduced first. LAX makes their way to the ring via their private entranceway next. Fans are heavily into this contest even before the opening bell. Rave and Homicide lock up to start off. Rave tosses him to the ropes. Shoulder block by Homicide, followed by a hip toss. Rave bounces off the ropes and tilt a whirls into an arm bar then into a cradle pin for two.

    Homicide with a nice under-arm suplex, and Hoyt tagged in as well as Hernandez. Hernandez shoves Hoyt. Hoyt bounces off ht e ropes and shoulder blocks Hernandez, trying to take him to the mat. It does not work. Hernandez then back body drops Hoyt to the outside. Homicide about to go for a suicide dive but Rave jumps on the apron and intercepts him. Rave then Russian Legsweeps Homicide on the apron, and immediately as they hit the apron, Hernandez suicide dives to the outside onto Hoyt.

    Hernandez and Homicide inside now. Homicide dropkicks Rave to the face. Hernandez catapults Rave into a clothesline of Homicide. Homicide follows with a Senton splash onto Rave while Hernandez still is holding onto the legs. Rave on the shoulders of Hernandez. Hoyt cuts him off and makes the save. Homicide with a flying cross body on Hoyt, but caught in mid air. Hoyt hits a twirling sidewalk slam. Two count for Hoyt.

    Hoyt and Rave double-teaming Homicide who ducks a clothesline, and Hernandez then flies in and double clotheslines Rock and Rave. Hernandez with consecutive back body drops on both members. He then hits a sit up powerbomb on Rave. Hoyt hits a Moonsault from the top rope onto Hernandez. Homicide in and he headscissors Hoyt then suicide dives through the ropes onto Hoyt outside. Hernandez shoulder blocks Rave inside the ring now.

    Hernandez lifts up Rave for a powerbomb but Christy Hemme on the apron grabs Rave’s foot to get him down. Rave now takes the upper hand with kicks onto Hernandez. Rave springs to the top rope, but Hernandez shoves him in the post. Outside is a member of the Latino nation stalking at ringside. Hernandez then hits a Super Border Toss from the top ropes. 1…2….3

    Winners: LAX

    After the match the member of the Latino nation gets choked by Hoyt, but hits a low blow on him then kicks Christy Hemme outside the ring. The member takes off her face cover (and not only) and its Ariel.

    Footage is shown from part one of the Drinking Championship series which took place last night between James Storm and Eric Young. Moolah and Mae Young's WWE music played in the background. Each time they drink a beer they have to reveal a secret about themself. Crystal and Jeremy Borash were the judges. James Storm was declared the winner.

    Kaz vs. Black Reign

    Black Reign is introduced first. Kaz makes his way to the ring next. Match starts quickly with Kaz and Reign exchanging blows. Kaz hits a springboard back elbow smash on Reign who quickly slides out of the ring to retreat. Kaz onto the apron and leaps to the ground hitting a Hart Attack clothesline.

    Kaz sent into the fan barricades by Reign, who tries to follow with a diving head butt but misses and connects with the railing. The two battle up the ramp now. Reign hits a running knee lift knocking Kaz off of the stage to the floor.

    Reign delivers a slap to Kaz followed by a Reverse Russian legsweep. Two count for Reign. Reign slows the pace with a reverse chinlock.

    Reign hits a running Stunner and a two count. Another rear chinlock applied. The two go rope-to-rope and contact mid-ring as both men try a cross body block. Both men down for the count. Both up at the eight count. Kaz now with a barrage of punches, followed by a spin kick, then a single leg kick. Kaz hits the rope, floats over the clothesline attempt and turns it into a swinging Neckbreaker. Two count for Kaz.

    Black Reign hits a Pedigree, and gets a two count. Reign visibly upset at the kickout. He goes for the Curtain Call but Kaz reverses it into the reverse DDT for the pinfall and the victory.

    Winner: Kaz


    In Kurt Angle's lockeroom Jeremy Borash said he had a plan. Karen showing no signs of any sort of injury said he refuses to put the world title plans in his hands.

    Women’s Championship

    Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

    Match starts quickly with Kong knocking Kim out of the ring. She tries to set up Kim for an Awesome Bomb onto the announce table. But Kim mule kicks from the power bomb position and actually connects with Kong’s face to break free. Back to the ring we go.

    Kong chokes out Kim with her boot now. Kong chokes Kim with a rear choke and swings her around, then tosses her. Kim up now and tries to battle back with punches. Kim to the corner, kicks Kong who charges her. Kim sits on the rope, Kong hits a spinning back fist. Kim falls over the ropes and gets caught in a tree of woe on the outside. Kong, releases her and she drops to the outside. Kong goes out to get her and smashes her face-first into the steel steps.

    Kong with punches and kicks on Kim outside. She then grabs the legs and spins Kim into the railing. Kong sends Kim into the crowd. Kim starts to battle back with punches but Kong grabs her by the hair and sends her into the steps. They continue to fight around the crowd. Kim gets an empty plastic bottle and clocks Kong a few times.

    They two finally reach ringside again and Kim dumps Kong over the railing back to ringside. Kong now has Kim on the ring apron and she goes to grab a chair, winds up and swings, Kim moves and Kong hits the apron. Kim kicks the chair into her face then climbs the ropes and dives to the outside onto Kong who catches her in mid-air and jammed against the ring apron back-first. Back inside we go now.

    Kong hits a Spinning Backfist on Kim. Kong goes for an Awesome Bomb but Kim floats over and tries a sunset flip, Kong drops to a seated position, nobody home as Kim moves. Kim with punches now. Into the corner, Kong charges, Kim slips out to the apron, climbs the ropes. Kong catches her in mid-air again in a chokeslam. Kong hits it and covers her but only gets a two count.

    Kong argue with the ref and then slaps and Awesome Bombs him. She gets a chair and clocks the referee. Kim gets up and steals the chair then clocks Kong twice to the head. Kim to the top ropes. Fans are going nuts. She hits a Frogsplash, but there’s no ref. Another ref slides in. Kong kicks out at two and a half.

    Kim is frustrated and tries a Neckbreaker. Kong reverses into a Chokeslam and pins her. Two and a half! Crowd is going nuts. Kong now tries to Awesome Bomb Referee Rudy Charles, but Kim small packages her as she has the referee up in the air. The ref falls down and counts Kim to victory.

    Winner: Gail Kim

    Rudy Charles leaves quickly and Kong and Kim start to brawl .Security in to separate them. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky then hit the ring and take Gail Kim out of the ring.


    Karen Angle went into the mens bathroom and offered to releave AJ's tension. ODB came out of one of the stalls drunk and laughing.

    Abyss vs. Judas Mesias

    Judas Mesias introduced first. Followed by Abyss. Judas attacks him immediately and delivers knife-edge chops. Abyss whips Judas to the corner, Back elbow by Judas but Abyss follows with a clothesline.

    Fast-paced match so far. Judas to the ropes and Abyss tosses him straight up then down pancaking him on the mat. Judas gets tossed outside now and Abyss and he exchange blows. Inside the ring we go, but then Judas retreats to the outside once again on the opposite side of the ring. Judas trips Abyss and wraps his leg around the post.

    Judas inside the ring now and working on the leg of Abyss and now delivers punches to him in the corner. Judas tried a face plant but Abyss hoists him up and tosses him down to the mat.

    Abyss chasing Father James around the ring and up the ramp, allowing Judas to attack Abyss from behind and begin to mount the offensive. Judas sends Abyss into the steel steps. Abyss clotheslines Judas and we go inside the ring. Abyss hits a running face wash on Judas in the corner.

    Abyss setting up a chair in the corner lodged in between the ropes. The referee tries to stop Abyss from setting it up but cannot. Judas sent to the ropes, he tries to float over but Abyss does not fall for it. He then whips Judas head-first into the steel chair in the ropes. Chokeslam for Abyss. Two count only.

    Father James comes back down to the ring with a black bag, Abyss goes under the ring and gets a chair wrapped in barbed wire. The referee tries to get rid of it and that allows Judas to deliver a chair shot to the head of Abyss. Judas to the top ropes and hits a splash.

    Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam. The ref is occupied with Father James. Abyss pulls Father into the ring and about to Chokeslam him, and then he slaps Judas with a Choke for a double Chokeslam. Judas spews a mist in the eyes of Abyss. Mesias hits the Straight to Hell faceplant on Abyss onto the barbed wire chair and scores the pinfall for the victory.

    Winner: Judas Mesias

    After the match Father James has Judas grab Abyss and asks him if he is ready to tell the truth once and for all. Abyss shakes his head. Mitchell says that he promised Abyss that little boys who don’t tell the truth will burn in hell. He gets a gasoline container and Judas pours it on Abyss, who screams in pain. He’s about to light a match and security hits the ring stopping him, and taking the matches.

    Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks vs. Booker T & Sharmell

    Roode and Sharmell introduced first. Booker T and Sharmell next to the ring. Booker and Roode start by circling. Roode shoves Booker who slaps Roode. Punches thrown by Booker, Punches back by Roode.

    Booker with chops onto Roode in the corner. Roode sends Booker to the corner, Booker floats over and then chops Roode a few times. Booker with kicks and gets DDT’d. Two count for Roode. Booker sends Roode to the ropes and spin kicks him. Booker delivers knees to the head of Roode.

    Roode to the ropes, leapfrogs Booker, clotheslines him and pins him for two. Roode wants Brooks to cheat and get some blows in on Booker, but does not. Roode then says if your not going to help get out of here. She’s conflicted and doesn’t want to leave. Booker to the ropes and she trips Booker and looks upset about it and stays at ringside. Roode backbreaker on Booker into a rear chinlock.

    Booker T chops Roode upon re-gaining a vertical base. He goes for a Sidekick and Roode ducks. Booker straddles the top rope, and gets shoved off to the mat. Roode takes Booker back inside, and gets a two count. Rear chinlock applied again.

    Roode holds Booker back for Ms. Brooks who unwillingly slaps him. Roode asks for him to do it again. She says she won’t do it again. Roode slaps her finger out of his face, which is considered a tag. Sharmell then runs in and she and Brooks start a catfight on the floor. Roode steps in and yanks Sharmell off, then goes outside and attacks Booker T. Ms Brooks rolls up Sharmell who kicks out sending Brooks into Roode who is on the apron. Sharmell then rolls her up and scores the quick pinfall for the victory.

    Winners: Booker T & Sharmell

    After the Match:

    Ms. Brooks goes nuts and slaps Roode. Roode grabs Brooks in the corner and and starts to hit her. Sharmell trys to break it up. Roode thinks Sharmell is the referee and punches her in the face. Booker runs toward the ring and Roode high tails it to the back.

    Ultimate X-Match

    Jay Lethal & Motor City Machine Guns vs. Johnny Devine & Team 3D

    Devine and Team 3D come to the ring first. Brother Ray has a mic and says that he and his brother are in the best shape of their careers. Devine climbs the Ultimate X to hang the belt while he is cutting the promo. Lethal and the Machine Guns make their way out next.

    The match starts abruptly as the Machine Guns charge the ring on their introduction. Shelley and Ray battle. Sabin and D-Von battle. Devine and Lethal battle. All six men are outside the ring.

    Team 3D set up two tables outside of the ring next to one another. They set up a double powerbomb of the Machine Guns, but Lethal intercepts and clocks both Ray and D-Von to make the save. Shelley gets to the ring and tries to get to the belt. Shelley couldn’t hang out though as his hand could not hold. Sabin flies in and tries to climb the ropes but his hand is injured too and he cannot hold the ropes.

    Lethal climbs the X and goes for the belt, but Devine yanks him down and turns it into a Death Valley Driver. Devine climbs now and makes his way to the belt. The Machine Guns hit the ring and grab Devine’s feet, swinging him into a back flip back bump. Team 3D are in the ring. They are trying to jump to the belt from the ring but cannot reach. They try to boost one another but Ray cannot lift D-Von.

    D-Von gets on all fours and Ray tries to climb the back to the belt but to no avail. Sabin hits the ring and Ray sends him out. Ray now tries to climb the structure, but Lethal springboards in front of him on to the ropes and blocks Ray’s way to the belt. Lethal was teasing him, and lost his grip and fell. Ray tries to climb but slips off immediately. Lethal dropkicks Ray as he tried to climb the ropes. Lethal now tries a superplex. Ray shoves him off instead. Ray hits a flying elbow drop. Misses.

    Devine hits a pancake knee-to-face combination on Lethal then hits a stomp combination on Lethal. Devine climbs and gets to the cables. Shelley climbs after him and leaps from the ropes and spears him down. Sabin now springboards off the ropes and hits a swinging DDT on Devine.

    Outside now Ray gets a Kendo Stick and hits the hands of Shelley. D-von then takes it and hits the hands of Sabin. Ray tells D-Von to get on Ray’s shoulders. D-Von climbs while standing on Ray’s shoulders. Lethal flies in and spears D-Von down to the mat though and he comes crashing down.

    Lethal gets lariated by Ray. The referee giving the X signal for Lethal. Sabin clotheslines the referee. Ray gets a ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. They taunt the crowd, allowing the Guns to get in and hit a double insiguri. Devine in and he clocks both Machine Guns with the Kendo Stick. Devine sets up the ladder and climbs. Sabin in and he topples it over sending Devine to the outside onto the tables, but they don’t break. Team 3D hit 3D on Sabin then Lethal springboards in. Team 3D sends the ladder into his face. D-Von now climbs the ladder and gets the belt. D-Von then hangs with the belt to make it look like he climbed the structure without the ladder. Ray tosses the ladder outside the ring. The ref wakes up and sees this. D-Von has the belt. Match over.

    Winners: Team 3D & Johnny Devine

    Tag Team Championship

    A.J. Styles & Tomko vs. Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash

    The Champions are introduced first. Samoa Joe is introduced next, followed by Kevin Nash. Joe and AJ start off. Some mat grappling to start, and a break. The two circle and Joe snuffs AJ twice. Joe takes down AJ, then arm drags him. AJ with punches. Joe catches it and turns it into an ankle lock. AJ quickly gets to the ropes. Nash tagged in.

    Nash tosses Styles and AJ to the ropes, ducks two clotheslines. Floats over Nash and he dropkicks the leg of Nash. AJ now working on the leg. Tomko tagged in. Nash hits some back elbows. Tomko works on the knee a bit as well and clotheslines Nash down.

    Tomko leglocks Nash, and tags AJ who springs in with a plancha onto the legs. A few kicks and Tomko is right back in. Tomko charges but Nash reverses with a Sidewalk Slam. Both men down.

    Joe and Styles now as Joe is tagged in he hits a fall away slam on Styles then on Tomko. Nash whips Joe into Tomko then Big Boots Tomko down. Joe and Tomko the legal men, and Joe T-Bone Suplexes Tomko. AJ then springboards himself in and hits a dropkick. Tomko with knife-edges on Joe in the corner and tags in AJ.

    AJ hits a dropkick on Joe and a two count only. Tomko tagged in and short arm clotheslines Joe, then applies a chinlock. Joe battles to a vertical base with elbows. Tomko uncoils with an elbow as Joe hits the ropes. Styles tagged in and he applies an Indian Deathlock on Joe who elbows his way out.

    Tomko tagged in now delivers chops to Joe. Two count and AJ quickly tagged back in, delivering punches as Tomko holds back Joe. Joe and AJ trade blows now, as Joe battles back. AJ springboards in f or a hurricanrada, but Joe catches him and Powerbombs him down. Tomko in and he is snap slammed as he charges Joe. All three men down and Nash reaching for the tag. Joe goes for the tag, and Nash drops to the mat and leaves Joe alone. Tomko and AJ try to double team Joe with a maneuver but Joe kicks AJ off and takes down Tomko. He sets up Tomko for the Muscle Buster, but AJ interrupts.

    Joe then hits the Muscle Buster on AJ, but Tomko leaps and makes the save, breaking up the pin. Fans chant “Thank you Tomko.” Tomko goes for a Chokeslam on Joe who turns it into a Rear Naked Choke of his own. Tomko drops down. AJ hits the Pelle. Tomko delivers a Big Boot. Tomko and AJ hit the double team spinning plant maneuver for the pinfall and the victory.

    Winners: A.J. Styles & Tomko

    TNA World Championship

    Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage

    Cage introduced first. Kurt and Karen Angle make their way to the ring next. We have the standard main event in-ring introductions by Jeremy Borash.

    The opening bell rings and the two circle the center of the ring. We have a lockup and Angle backed into the corner, and we have a break. Fans chanting “Instant Classic.” Lock up again and Angle into the corner again, turns it into a rear waist lock. Standing switch. Another one. Angle with a waist lock takedown on Cage and Cage gets to the rope for a break.

    Christian Cage to the ropes, series of misses. Cage kicks Angle, caught by Angle. Cage misses an insiguri. And we have a stand-off. We restart. Angle kicks Cage and uppercuts him. Angle with a takedown, and now Angle shot off the ropes. A series of misses and Cage faceplants Angle then slaps him a bit.

    Cage sends Angle to the outside. Back inside and the two are nose-to-nose standing off. Angle slaps Cage twice. Cage spits in his face. Angle uppercuts Cage. Cage with a forearm. They trade more blows until Angle drops. Angle on the apron. Christian sits on the ropes and leans back, kicking Angle in the face. Cage then springboards off the turnbuckles and leaps to the outside connecting onto Angle with a Cross Body Block.

    Angle back inside now, Cage climbs the ropes. Angle catches him in mid-air and belly-to-belly suplexes Cage over the ropes to the outside. Back inside now and Angle scoop Slams Cage. Two count. Angle applies a choke, Cage breaks out and then gets a knee to the gut and a two count for Angle. Cage lands elbows on Angle. Rope to rope goes Cage and he gets Belly-to-Belly suplexed by Angle.

    Outside, Karen Angle slaps Cage. Back inside the ring and Cage applies a sleeper to Angle . Angle reverses with a takeover. Cage Spears Angle on the rebound. Two count for Cage. Cage climbs the turnbuckle, Angle back body drops Cage. Angle then hits the Moonsault onto Cage. Two count for Angle.

    Cage hits desperation DDT. Both men are down now. Angle sends Cage into the turnbuckle. Cage hits Inverted DDT on Angle. Cage climbs the ropes and misses the Frogsplash as Angle moves. Angle rolls him up and gets a two count. Angle now with a German Suplex, hits and hangs on. He then hits number two, and hangs on. He hits the third and releases. Angle calls for the Olympic Slam. Cage floats over. Cage reverses out and Angle slaps on the Ankle Lock. Cage tries to kick out but Angle holds on. Cage kicks out again. Angle bounces off the ropes and gets Small Packaged, but rolls through that and Angle applies the Ankle Lock again. Cage small packages Angle YET AGAIN. Two count this time for Cage.

    Cage climbs the ropes. Angle runs toward him, and all in one motion leaps to the ropes and belly-to-belly suplexes Cage. Angle now applies the Ankle lock again. Cage now tries to apply the Texas Cloverleaf. He applies. Angle has his hand raised ready to tap. He grabs Cage’s ankle instead and turns it into an Ankle Lock. Cage gets to his feet and about to go for an Insiguri but instead tries an Unprettier. Angle turns it around. Cage turns it around gain and hits an inverted face plant, holds the leg and gets a two count.

    Cage hits the Frogsplash. Two count. Angle hits a low blow. Angle Slam and pin. But only two!. Angle tried an Ankle Lock Cage kicks him off and Angle nearly gets sent into Karen, but stops. Cage rolls him up and gets a two count. Cage now applies the Ankle Lock to Angle. Angle is tapping out but Karen as the ref distracted. AJ styles hits the ring and takes Karen off of the ring. AJ is on the apron and hugs Cage. Cage turns his back. AJ springboard dropkicks Cage in the back. Angle then rolls up Cage and scores the pinfall for the victory.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    team 3d defeated mcmg

    lax defeated lance hoyt jimmy rave

    kaz defeated black reign , thats all so far

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