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Why does my Yahoo Search Re-Direct?

When I search for something in Yahoo, and click on the link of the result I get redirected to pages such as A screen come up for a brief moment that says nothing but (Continue). O have to click back twice to get to my original search item. When I click on it a 2nd time it will go to the correct link. Please help!! Thanks.

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    Sounds like you have an spyware / malware infestation on your computer. This type can be difficult to detect and remove. First thing you want to do is to update your anti-spyware & anti-adware programs (don't run them yet).

    Reboot your computer into safe mode. (You can do this by pressing the F8 key repeatedly as the computer boots up. You should see the "Windows Advanced Options Menu".

    Use your arrow keys to select "Safe Mode" and hit enter.)

    Run your anti-spyware & anti-adware scans. Hopefully this will get whatever is causing your problem. Once the scans are completed. Reboot as per normal and verify that the problems has been erradicated.

    There are many anti-spyware & anti-adware programs available on the web at little or no cost.

    I personally run:

    Ad-aware 2007 (free)

    SuperAntispyware (free)

    Spybot - Search & Destroy (free)

    A-Squared Free (free)

    Hope this helps solve the issue

    Source(s): Just had this happen tonight
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    As musicman stated, I completely advise Malwarebytes. this is the suited trojan remover i've got are available the time of so a ways and this is loose. attempt working it a minimum of two times (complete test the 1st time) and you will desire to be cured after that.

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