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Tennessee Walking Horse?

Hey... I live in Australia and I have never seen a Tennessee Walking Horse, i mean i have heard the name before... but i always thought they where a breed... can someone enlighten me as to why they are trained to do this? (like its origins)

Heres a clip i watched that made me curious about it...

Youtube thumbnail

and if any aussies know if we do this kinda training/showing here seems so unnatural for a horse to do that kinda movement.....

thanks (also can the trolls not report this question... that would be good thanks)

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    The Tennessee Walker is a breed, but they're trained to do this basically for aesthetic purposes. People like how it look. And then horses that gaited like that started winning at shows etc. So they kept on doing it.

    It's completely unnatural, and it's caused by them putting heavily weighted shoes on the horses feet and chains/straps right above their hooves. It's pretty well known that some people even take some sort of irritant and spread it on the horses legs to cause them to step like that.

    They don't just do this to Tennessee Walkers though, pretty much any gaited horses/ horses that compete in saddle seat are trained to do this.

    I'm pretty sure that naturally the only extra gait Tennessee Walkers have is the running walk. I could be wrong, but that's the only one that I know of. The rest of them are unnatural.

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    Tennessee Walking Horse Australia

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    I personally do not have much experience with gaited horses as they are not common where I live, but it's obvious to see what's natural to a horse and what seems just flat out unnatural. But this has been going on for so long, it's amazing it's just catching on now. There were videos all over Youtube of TWH shows with that technique used in shows and nothing was ever done, but because Pepsi decided they didn't want to sponsor it anymore it becomes big new. Abuse is common in every discipline with every breed. TWH are no exception, they are just another example. 5 years is better than letting them get away with community work bullshit they claim as a punishment.

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    Tennessee Walking Horses are gaited horses. Gaited horses have special gaits that other breeds do not. They don't have to be trained to do these gaits; it's just part of their nature, as natural to them as trotting and cantering are to other horses. In the case of Tennessee Walkers, the special gait is somewhere between a walk and a trot, and is REALLY comfortable. Tennessee Walkers were first bred to carry Preachers in the early nineteenth century. In those days, many preachers rode around from church to church, travelling for miles all over the countryside. These preachers needed horses with a gait that they could sit for hours on end. And so the Tennesse Walker was born.

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    Well don't really know the answer to your question, but here is a great picture of a Tennessee Walking Horse:

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    The Walking horse gait and the slow gait where developed back on the plantations. their ride was smooth they took long enough strides to get where you wanted to go and it was smooth.

    And for the Tennessee walking horse it's not as unnatural as you think.

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    good question. its all for show. it started back in the 70's whe nthe trainers figured they could win mroeeasily if the horse showed more action going on in its front end. To d othis they attach 5" weighted pads filled with sand to the horses feet. Then they add heavy steel chains around the pasterns. I own natural Walkers ahave rescued/fostered abused ealkers that show scars of there abuse. now only 10% of walkers are "performance" but the yare the ones getting all the attention. The USDA issued the Hse Prtection Act back in the 70's when the abuse becane to rise but didn't enforce it until last year when they shut down the Celebration and the crowning of the OWrld grandchampionship. Here is what a natral Tennessee Wlaking Horse looks like. They are amazing animals.

    Youtube thumbnail

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    You're looking at a "Big Lick" Walking Horse who is specifically trained to move this way(very exaggerated in front) for the show pen. They also have classes for TWH who are flat shod and do not move with such pronounced exaggeration.

    Many folks do not like the Big Lick and then there are devoted fans of it. The shoeing and training techniques are highly controversial.

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    I know live in Tennessee and have met someone who has the horses. I believe the gait is caused by the way the hooves are shod, and has less to do with training than the way they must walk due to how they are shod.

    The front hooves look like the horses are wearing the horse's equivalent of high heeled shoes that women wear. The horses that I saw appeared to have shoes that were abnormally tall and had a strap across the front to keep them positioned correctly.

    These "high heel" shoes cause the horse to have the unusual gait, and from there the rest is training.

    This type of shoe-ing is hotly contested. There are people who consider this abnormal and people who consider it to be abusive. Proponents of it, of course, consider it to be special and a good thing.

    My own initial impression was that the horse looked abnormal.

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    can Tennessee walkers trot? I've seen them in person a couple of times at shows but it was years ago so i wasnt really paying looks like it would be difficult for them to trot

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