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How do you program a 1998 Chrysler SebrIng automatic garage door opener?

PLEASE..i really need help with this, please tell me anything you know about the programing process...or even how you think it works.anything will help

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    It works the same way my 99 LHS works. But this is one thing I learned the hard way, and it's not written anywhere. Your garage door opener can be no older than 1996. Parked inside of the garage, key on engine off. Hold yor door opener close to the one in the car. On both the car and your opener press and hold both open buttons, untill the one in the car flashes, now do it with the down buttons, until the one in the car flashes. Repeat three times. Now turn the keyt off three secounds then back on and start the car. Your door should work with the car now. If it don't the door is to old or there is a problem in the car only a dealer can check.

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