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7 or more physical features of south africa you cold draw on a map?


that you could*

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    Physical Features - South Africa (the country of S. Africa)

    - coastal area is lowlands

    - moves to plains – one is called the Bushveld - elevation varies between 600 meters and about 900 meters above sea level.

    - the interior has high plateaus - Highveld - 1,200-meter to 1,800-meter

    - mountains - 2,000 meters and 3,300 meters in elevation - called Great Escarpment, also other mountains such as Waterberg, Strypoortberg and Soutpansberg. Highest Mountains are the Drakensberg Mountains. The Cape Ranges are the country's only 'fold mountains'.

    - basins - the southern portion of the Kalahari Desert forms a basin

    - large depressions, or "pans," found between the 2 deserts in the Cape Middleveld region.

    - valley - The Cango Valley

    - caves - Cango Caves - a limestone ridge

    - several rivers – Orange, Limpopo, Molopo

    - deserts – Kalahari and Namib Deserts

    So has:

    lowlands, plains, plateaus, mountains, various velds, basin, depressions called pans, deserts, rivers, valley, caves

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    plains, rivers, hills, lakes, ,mountains, desert, forests

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