What are some careers that involve working with computers?

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    Hi, Sporty!

    I read your other 3 answers, and wasn't too impressed...

    Here are some ways to make money online. (Note: I'm NOT talking about "get rich quick" schemes or pyramid schemes... RUN from all that stuff!!!)

    1. A physical product

    Example: a book, a sewing kit, a computer, etc

    2. A digital product

    Example: an eBook (very hot on the market!), a website, anything else that's downloadable

    3. Entertainment

    Example: MP3's, Funny Pictures, Funny videos, etc (NOT porn!)

    4. Useful websites (Portals)

    Example: Free websites that serve a purpose, like TinyURL.com, FileBiggie.com, etc

    Always follow these steps when creating your product:

    1. Find a problem in people's lives

    2. Address the problem and solve it

    3. Create a website selling your solution

    4. Market your solution to the people with the problem

    5. Review how well it's working/not working

    You need something on your website that people want.

    As far as GETTING people to your site, that's another whole process. THAT's the hard part.

    It's called marketing.

    Get in touch with me after you've built your website and I'll give you guys some tips and tricks.

    Good luck!


    P.S. When I was growing up, my father always used to say, "Andy, there's only one way to make any money in ANY business - blood, sweat, and tears..." Good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Administration in most businesses, Stores, Offices etc..

    Web designing


    Data Entry

    Call Centres



    Building Custom Computers

    Computer Repairs

    CAD (Computer Aided Design)

    CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

    You would be suprised

    Hope i have answered your Question

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    You could enter a branch of the military and specialize in computers. Free training, guaranteed job (and paycheck!), and once you're done with your service you'll be able to take what you've learned and apply that to a real-world job!

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    Game making cool Im 10

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