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do just jo bro tickets sell slower then jo bros and hm?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Omj(oh my jonas) I doubt it!!! No offense to hannah montana and miley cyrus (because I'm a big fan of both of them as well) but I think a lot of the people at the concert are there mainly for the Jonas Brothers!!!! So I think that maybe they would sell just as fast but I honestly want to get tickets to see the Jonas Brothers!!!!!!! OMJ I went to one of the hm/mc and jb concerts and the jo bros were AWESOME!!!! One of the BEST concerts I've ever been to(out of 5 that is... haven't been to many concerts!!)!! Sorry for talkin so much!!! Anyways.... ROCK ON ALL JONAS BROTHERS FANS!!!!

    Jonas Brothers fan!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I hope so

    but I'm gonna get tickets the first day

    so i would be on the look out

    maybe lots of people are planing on getting tickets

    I know i am

    Jonas love♥

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  • 4 years ago

    For one, their demanding, techniques lifeless fangirls make me desire to shoot myself interior the top. intense pitched squealing whilst they pay attention to their music. continually ranting on and on approximately how their music is genius, their voices are outstanding, and, curiously their the main enticing adult adult males interior the international. damn it! they have not got any expertise in besides, their voices reason me to whack my head against the table, and their gruesome as Hell! human beings say the Jonas Brothers are a 'rock' band. Their no longer rock - their pop! A terrible, poor version of father. words can not convey how plenty they annoy me. So all you 'Mrs Joe Jonas', 'Nick Jonas', and 'Kevin Jonas' accessible - advance up! they have not got any expertise and that they are no longer bloody pleasing! locate out approximately some genuine bands - bands that easily use greater beneficial than 5 notes! (damn, that felt stable. i replaced into finally waiting to get that off my chest. that's unhappy, inspite of the incontrovertible fact that, how such poor sound pollution can get common fo f*ucking immediately and easily be seen "music".)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hopefully. I am getting tickets if they come to florida. And i already went to the hm and jb concert on tampa florida.

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