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What do you think of my wrestlemania matchcard?! PLEASE COMMENT!?

-Chris Jericho vs JBL

no holds barred match

-Edge vs Undertaker

World Heavyweight championship match

-Ashley vs Jillian

ref Maria(playboy cover girl) Playboy spanking match

-Beth vs Melina vs Mickie vs Candice vs Michelle vs Victoria

Women's championship

-Matt Hardy vs MVP

Steel cage-united states championship

-London & Kendrick vs Cody & Holly vs Trevor & Lance vs Santino & Carlito

World tag team championship

-Triple h vs Batista

future title shot

-CM Punk vs Finlay vs Mark Henry vs Khali vs Chucky vs Big Daddy V vs kenny vs Snitsky.

Money in the bank

-Umaga vs Kane

inferno match

-Kennedy vs Flair

Ric retirment storyline continues

-Orton vs Shawn vs Jeff vs Lashley

WWE championship


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    good card but in the money in the bank, big daddy v would probably break the friggin ladder, i would love to see umaga on fire, would think that flair could win the championship and then retire, like trish stratus, overll good card

  • runkle
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    4 years ago

    a million. No, it wont artwork, 2 heels against one yet another in simple terms doesnt do it.6/10 2. particular its stable, placed 2 greater adult men in it. 7/10 3. NO way! Like I stated heels vs heels dont artwork properly. Lance Cade is out anyhow. 3/10 4. A descent tournament, why Ted Dibiase ? 4/10 5. Yeah, i like this tournament, yet we observed it at night of Champions already, possibly you should make a stipulation. 7/10 6. NO! Why Umaga? Get yet another heel or somebody else that hates Austin. 7/10 7. NO! Heel vs Heel wont get the gang excited, so no. 7/10 8. Yeah a good tournament 8/10 the place is Shawn Michaels? universal, a foul Wrestlemania, it desires lots of advancements. 6/10 i does not pay to work out this and NO DIVAS tournament?

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    you cant have punk in the money in the bank hes scheualed to be champ a long time switch him with rvd and make cmpunk vs tommy dreamer and take out the flair match and umag vs kane isnt exciting and make the main event shawn vs triple h vs batista vs orton vs lashley vs chris jerico elimination chambermatch for the wwe title

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    id change the channel when i saw the diva match was starting end up flipping back in the middle of the other one and think the show sucks so would end up forgetting i was watching WM...Diva match's should be saved for "heat"...

    but i guess any thing with maria in it is worth watching...

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  • 1 decade ago

    i can see this happening someday except big daddy v and khali in a MITB match. but minus those two errors and you get 9.6 and 5 star review from me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yea its good

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  • not bad not bad at all...^^

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