why is it called a "Station wagon"? What is the origination of the term " station wagon"?

I know what a station wagon is. I just wonder where that term originated. A friend said it may have come from simply " sending a wagon down to pick someone or something up from the train station", etc.

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    The very first station wagons were called 'depot hacks' - they worked primarily around train depots as hacks (taxicabs). The modified back ends that made them depot hacks were necessary to carry large amounts of luggage - everyone traveled by train then,and needed a car that could comfortably carry people and large amounts of luggage from the train station to home. They were also called 'carryall's' and 'suburbans' (a name Plymouth used on their wagons until the late 1970's). 'Station wagon' was just another derivative of 'depot hack'; they were vehicles that were used as wagons (to carry passengers and cargo) from (railroad) stations.


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    Absolutely correct! It's never acceptable to use the term 'train station'. It's only low lifes and ignoramuses who would use this term - and let's not have any logical arguments involving 'bus stations'; Logic doesn't apply here. Railway station is the only acceptable description of a place where one catches a train. It's about time people like you and I made a stand over vital issues like this. You, Terry, are a gentleman and a scholar. EDIT: I've just seen someone use the term "railroad station" and I've had an attack of the vapours! These colonial types and their crazy talk! Outrageous behaviour. New York Grand Central may be a so-called "railroad station", but London Euston most definitely isn't!

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    It is a Railway Station, not Train Station.

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    That is what I thought too.

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    it does not move

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