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why do i think i look ugly in photographs?

every photograph i see of myself i think i look ugly..but when i look in the mirror i think im quite attractive..why is this..?

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    ive got the same problem!

    ive started to think maybe i am ugly cos they say the camera never lies!

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    As a professional photographer, it is my job to avoid making folks look ugly in pictures.

    To do this:

    Use soft lighting and avoid using an on-camer flash.

    The natural light from a window is idea.

    Set your camera lens to around 100 mm (or zoom your lens so the persons head and shoulders fill the picture when you are around 6 or 8 feet away).

    Make sure your 'model' is ready, before you take the picture.

    Get them to stand 3/4 on to the camera, and not straight on, or your picture will look like a police mug-shot or passport photo.


    If all the above ideas fail, it miht be that your model has an uneven face.

    They will be used to seeing themselves in a mirror, and when you show them a photo, they hate what they see; because it doesn'tm look like them.

    Try printing the pricture in reverse, or showing it to your model reflected in a mirror.

    I but they like the picture better when it is reversed.


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    I understand the problem, no matter how relaxed I think I am once the picture is taken I come off as stiff and not natural. I guess that's why there are so few supermodels out there, but if you ever noticed most of them aren't really pretty in person. Now which would you rather be, pretty in person or pretty in pictures?

  • It's quite common to have these feelings. Many folks just don't like how they look in photos. If you're doing self portraits, experiment with angles you've perhaps not thought of before.

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    A photograph takes a picture of you and the available light. If the lighting is wrong then the picture will give a distorted view of you. A mirror gives an image of you with the light even all around.

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    Photos always seem to be taken at just the wrong time, eh? Just figure out what your best angles are in photos, and make sure you're not making some weird unattractive face.

    Trust me, i have the same problem.

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    It is the way you percieve(sp) yourself.....Ive noticed with myslef that i feel that way sometimes as well, but it can all depend on the angle i use and the lighting im using. Try and play round and see what angle you like and what lighting looks best.....and black and white is always flattering to any skin so try that as well. Just play around and keep trying......and build up some confidence. It def helps:o)

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    It's a self hate thing which is very common. I bet Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba think the same thing

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    i dont know, i feel that way too. i think that most pictures taken of me turn out horribly,... but when im looking in the mirror i think well, why cant i look like this in the pictures?

    i think its because when youre looking in the mirror you know what you look like, what expressions are flattering.... and when its a camera, its harder not to make some awkward funny face.

    so the best bet for getting good pictures, is to practice a "look" in the mirror, so you know how to make it automatically when you get your picture taken.

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    Photos flatten your face.

    Try turning your head and tilting it a bit when you next get a photo taken. It is a more attractive view than head on and will not flatten you as much.

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    Because in the mirror you try to look your best, and don't frown or lower your chin so you have a double - chin,

    or laugh vigorously so you have lines all around your face...

    don't worry, most people feel like they are more beautiful than on photo's....

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