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What do you think of American Airlines being fitted with missile weapons?

they are just being fitted for flight within the USA but what about when they fit these planes with anti missile weapon that fly internationally wouldn't that then become flying weapon you may as well let passengers fly in a B52 bomber. How laws would American Airlines be breaking carrying these kind of weapons? Does it make you feel any safer?

seattle times and AP news on Yahoo.


Before I choose my best answer I would like to say to Lou Diamond that though you choose not to fly since 9/11 thats exactly what the terrorists want they want us all to stop what we are doing and become frightend of them that means giving our religion up and becoming muslims start growing beards for men for me I would have to wear the burkha. Don't let Al Qaeda win start getting on planes again show them that you are not scared of them because if you show you are scared of them then they have won. In may I will be getting on a plane and flying accross the pond to Florida for 2 weeks and I can't wait no terrorists are going to me from going about my daily life. No I am going to get on a plane and live my daily life just to spite them just to prove a point that they are not going to intimidate me. Don't give in to fear.

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    Unfortunately the times we live in requires us to be cautious and imaginative.

    Recall TWA 800..minutes after taking off for Europe from NY the plane explodes.The ''official'' story is that fuel transfer valves malfunctioned causing this disaster.

    An aircraft with the sterling operational record of the 747 had never,ever just blown up.25yrs of global travel and not one 747 just up and exploded..not

    The govt (Clinton administration) says it was accidental but no independent investigation was permitted to look at 'possible' alternatives to the murder of hundreds.

    Witnesses all say they heard the plane as it climbed to altitude and report seeing a ''streak of fire/light rise from the sea and then the plane blew up.The FBI ''convinced'' these folks that they were 'mistaken' and all interviews with witnesses were disregarded and halted.

    It would seem that it didn't fit the ''official'' explanation.

    Someone shot that plane down with a missile,probably Islamic mutts or even the North was shot down.

    Arming civilian aircraft with missile busting laser technology is a prudent precaution considering the weapons available to terrorists.As to ''feeling safer''..I do not fly since 9/11...too much hassle and all the crap that comes with being ensconced in a metal tube with people I'd sooner throw off the plane...I'll drive instead.

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    These are not weapons, they couldn't hit anyone or anything. They flash light and heat signals aimed to confuse the targeting systems of missiles. They are more like a computer controlled beacon than a weapon. Remember you can buy low powered lasers in DIY shops for spirit levels.

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    No, but it's an effective way for the airlines and the makers of the equipment to build up and exploit fear to make money. Exploiting fear has been the best marketing technique in history. Staging events that build fear work extremely well to market products associated with protection and to increase prices ergo profits.

    Shoddy airplane maintenance and stupid, careless drivers of cars concern me much more.

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  • ed
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    What don't you understand about "Anti"?

    Those are not weapons of aggression.

    And the fact that they are available, if they were not used, and a ground to air missile brought down a passenger plane, what would you have to say then?

    Israel came close to having planes blown out of the sky.

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    I always wanted to be a fighter pilot.

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    will ticket prices go up?

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