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What Can we do to stop cloning?

What can people do to stop cloning? Its for an essay and i need a call to action. Thanks. Best answer will get 10 points!


to all: its not that i personally want to stop it, i think some part of cloning are benificial and some are dangerous, i've been researching all day =), its just that i got picked for my class to be against it and i need a call to action

Update 2:

yes..yes, i know cloning won't be stopped, but its just a paper for my class and i need a decent call to action, like what people can do to try to prevent cloning...thanks again!

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    Why would you want it to stop? Cloning can be used for such great medical benefits, such as transplants and tissue replacement. Why you choose this "action plan" for your essay? The benefits far outweigh what we may dislike about it.

  • Cloning is one of many scientific pursuits that man has dreamt of before he had a term for it. The idea of duplicating one's self or another is at best a pursuit of immortality and at worse a god complex.

    The problem is, no matter what laws are passed, and what regulations occur, cloning won't go away, there will always be someone somewhere pursuing the dark secrets.

    And while there are obvious benefits: Cloned organs for the ill, replacement limbs for the injured, new bodies for the broken. The social ramifications are going to be the herald of a new age.

    What of Clone rights? Are the people? Food, property? Can you legally clone someone against their will? Will the Military start using clones? What kind of disease will come from it? What does it prove of religion, if man can make man? What of the Soul?

    What are the consequences of dabbling in this?

    People are too busy trying to do it, rather than think whether or not the Should do it.

    I can go both ways, but I understand that no matter which side I stand on cloning will happen. And there is nothing that can be done to stop it, it is an eventuality.

    So, rather than fighting the sea, or desert sand, we should consider the major issues to develope and have a plan to deal with them. Legalization, regulation, plan manners to handle Human Cloning,a s it is only a matter of time.

    Be prepared, and hope they don't turn on us.

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    Why do you want to stop it? I can understand cloning "people" - but cloning can be used for much more. Like to clone a new limb for someone that lost one in an accident. Cloning new organs that are a perfect genetic match to replace a failing one without having to wait on some list for 5 years. Lots of good can come from cloning technology.

    EDIT: After reading this was for you essay, I can offer the devil's advocate to pro-cloning.

    First, it is an act against nature (note, I would not use God in your defense/debate/essay as it usually weakens an argument instead of strengthening it). It disturbs the natural order of life, death, and reproduction. Even if used for "spare parts" we must realize we are not meant to live forever, and cloning would allow just that. Whenever a part or even the whole body becomes aged and diseased, we just make a new clone of ourselves and bang, a little brain surgery later and we are good as new.

    Second, it is unethical. Who would be able to get clones? Pretty much just the wealthy and the powerful. Not to mention, who controls who gets cloned. It's all fine if we clone intelligent, warm, loving, caring people...but what happens when you clone say...a thousand Hitlers?

    Third, it robs us of our uniqueness in the universe. Even twins develop separate personalities, but the idea of a clone is a replicated copy of the individual at that moment in time, right? So if you clone yourself a dozen times, are you unique anymore?

    Those are a few points to work off of...mostly science fiction/what if type things...but still...

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    you can hold a rally... get a petition signed. start a riot... set all the test subjects free. you could try and get a law passed. i dont think that asking for donations of any kind helps at all because no one sees where the money goes. you could talk to your president :> gather a group of people who think the same way and then get a reputation. financial backing. you could release some bad results into the world. people respond to fear and horrific scenes.

    ultimately, though, you should think about your audience. whether you want your efforts to appeal to the public or the government, the rest of the world, your family, the companies. such and such.

    good luck on your essay.

    you could take the approach that says you cant do anything to stop cloning or you can say that you can do everything to stop cloning, or a bit of both.

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    In the situation of our world today, you really can't stop cloning because of the advances in science and technology. You can't control the whole world and make them believe that cloning should be stopped. In your essay, my only advise for you is to elaborate all the informations on cloning which you think are the reasons why we should stop doing it. With that, you may change the perception of many people on cloning.

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    Why we would want to stop cloning ? Are there anything bad about cloning ? Like it or not it is part of science and science is human. Stop cloning is same thing with stop being human. So your best answer is Kill all Human and it will automatically stop cloning. God forbids

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    There will be no end to advances in cloning. It is part of human nature to push the limits of science and technology. If it isn't done by the government, it will be done secretly by people with the knowledge and the mean and most importantly, the desire.

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    Don't forget that asexual reproduction is in fact cloning, e.g. spider plants reproduce by this method, so you need to be very explicit in what you mean by 'stopping cloning'.

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    hmmm, I would say write to your congressman/woman. They are usually responsible for only a few thousand people and dont get too much mail. If you organize people around your neighborhood to write him or her an email or letters saying this is important to you and that your continued support is dependent on it, they will listen. One of the things politicians care about more than anything, is to get re-elected.

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    tell to the scientists the harmful effects of cloning like overpopulation(human), for animals well no one will eat them all day

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