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earphone asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

給我一些動詞後面+ to + Ving 的 單字

給我一些動詞 or 動詞片語 後面+ to + Ving 的 單字

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  • Jimmy
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    1 decade ago
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    admit, appreciate, avoid, complete, sonsider, dislike, delay, deny, enjoy,

    escape, finish, imagine, mind, miss, postpone, practice, quit, resist


    like, love, hate, dread, begin, start, cease, continue, intend prefer, bear,



    There is no +Ving

    It is of no use +Ving/toV

    can't help+Ving

    feel like+Ving

    be busy in+Ving

    be wroth+Ving

    It is worth while +Ving/toV


    be above+Ving

    of one's own+Ving


    go +Ving


    have difficulty/trouble/a hard time+ Ving

    have fun/a good time+Ving

    come near+Ving

    Do you mind+ Ving

    How/What about+Ving

    What do you say to +Ving


    somebody spend時間/金錢+Ving/on N

    It goes without saying that +子句

    be/get/become+used to +Ving

    Look forward to+Ving

    pay attentionto

    apply oneself to+Ving

    in addition to +Ving

    be accustomed to+Ving

    be equal to+Ving

    according to +Ving

    in/with regard to+Ving

    owing to+Ving

    thanks to+Ving

    take to+Ving

    when it comes to=speak of+Ving

    with a view to=with an eye to +Ving oneself to=be devoted to+Ving

    object to=be oppose to=have an obejction to+Ving

    be adapted to=adapt oneself to+Ving

    Source(s): 文法書
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  • Ahoo
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    1 decade ago


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