Is Creationism taught in the Philippines?

Five years ago, I meet a girl who immigrated here from the Philippines. We talked for a while about the differences in education between the US and Philippines. She said that she was surprised about the amount of conflict over the teaching of evolution in the US.

Even though the majority of the Philippines was devoutly Catholic, she never encountered the controversy over evolution that Americans experience. Her science teachers teach evolution without any disclaimers. They also didn't mention anything about intelligent design and creationism. She did mention she attended a Christian private school. Her brother's school also taught evolution.

But that was two years ago, so Is Creationism or Intelligent design taught in the Philippines?

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    Creationism,Probably not in the schools.

    Intelligent Design -- No --

    Intelligent Design is pseudo-science and creationism is religion.

    The connection of "Theory of" and Evolution in this country (USA) is politically based. Unlike most states, the State of Texas, not individual districts, purchase the textbooks. This gives Texas a large advantage in purchasing textbooks. Book selections are made by the Texas Board of Education. The creationist lobby has pressed hard for years to insure that evolution is always listed as "Theory of Evolution".

    The scientific community no longer considers evolution just theory, but fact...Due to the overwhelming evidence.

    If you still don't believe consider this:

    My grandfather was Jewish. I found his Hebrew studies manual that was copyright 1899 -- when evolution was still illegal to teach. It stated that Genesis was never intended to be a description of the beginning.

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    i think of it is high-quality to instruct creationism in colleges with here caveats: a million) for each minute of educational time wasted on creationism interior the often used public college lecture room, i'm getting to instruct an equivalent minute of biology in the time of community church centers. In different words, if religious dogma gets a place in technological know-how school rooms, technological know-how ought to settle for a place in properties of worship. 2) If we are to instruct "sensible layout" then we ought to consistently instruct any and all achieveable transformations of it--layout by using alien intelligence, layout by using Titans, layout by using international Turtle, that none of it somewhat is even actual besides and we are all unusual brains floating in vats someplace only dreaming of this actuality, etc. 3) Textbooks ought to contain a minimum of 20 pages of information for evolution, which may be the bare minimum i could think of to get any working scientific awareness and then have internet site in the time of from that for sensible layout that reads " are able to ignore approximately all that and have self belief that magic did it!" 4) Textbooks ought to contain warning stickers that examine: "This textbook is composed of textile on sensible layout. sensible layout is an thought with as lots scientific foundation as alchemy, astrology, new age therapeutic crystals, dowsing, psychic surgical operation, and phrenology. This textile must be approached with the comparable grain of salt with which you would be able to attitude conspiracy "theories" of guy not actually landing on the moon." 5) sensible layout proponents be compelled to publicly sign a announcement putting forward that "interior the interest of educational equality, that's clearly what we are after and not purely attempting to wedge our faith interior the backdoor under the guise of something else, we recommend that each and every physique achieveable determination theories ought to learn if there is empirical information for them or not, including that the holocaust never got here approximately, that guy faked the moon landing, that 9/11 became an interior interest, and that the U. S. government has secretly captured and backwards engineered alien spacecraft at area fifty one that's the only reason we've microcips, desktops, and iPods on the instant." under those caveats, i could be pleased with it.

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