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Hillary Clinton Or Barak Obama?

I really wanted Clinton for president but when i saw yahoo answers I was shocked why everybody hated Hillary Clinton so much can you plzz why is that plus I'm thinking of changing my mind to vote for Obama/Edwards 08 but can you guys convince me why?

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    Okay at first I thought why not have a female in office, other countries have female presidents.After some thought I realized that her struggle as a female is far from the struggles that women of color face on a daily. Her daughter can not identify with the struggles of SO many women that do not have that cush to attend top universities even if they have the grades. But getting the scholarships are even harder.So I am saying this... at the time I was for her. After watching the debates and listening to her makes my azz itch!!! She is not presenting herself in a manner that I thought she would which is disappointing. she has the audacity to get on the defensive after she has thrown other candidates under the bus. Life is about changes and nothing stays the same no matter how hard people try. We age up,not back and then we die. Change,Chances,and Hope is what every nation faces. I work hard and I am tired of Wasington screwing me over with their empty azz promises just to get a vote!!Come on people get a clue, educate and READ for yourself. That good old boy network hasn't benefited those that count only themselves and the devils that they have procreated within their family. it is still the largest form of racism and sexism.this is not a high school election and if a person has the qualifications to go for the presidency, then why not. I like Obama because he is the American people. I like Huckabee and Romney. Edwards would make a decent VP.Hillary and McCain are too much In the Washington clique, now that scares me!!!!! Think outside the box.

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    Hillary represents an old form of politics, not change. She owes a lot to a lot of people that have gotten her this far. She is not very well liked and the republicans are drooling at the mouth for her to be the democratic nominee. She is running on her husbands coatails and has less experience than Obama in the senate. Just because she was fisrt lady does not give her experience. Would you vote for Barbera Bush, Nancy Reagan, or Betty Ford? I didn't think so. If she does win, I will vote for her but only because of her democratic nomination. I really liked Bill Clinton but, unfortunately, he can not run again. It's just not the same.

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    I think Hillary is a very goal/action oriented. I think she knows what is possible and is very excited to get in a position to get it done. I think that is a much better asset than someone who can give a moving speech.

    She is realistic. Not idealistic like Obama. I'm sure she was when she was younger too. Like with her first health care plan. It flopped. She didn't have the ability to create a distinction between what was ideal and what was realistic. Now she does... look at her American Health Choices Plan. I think it reflects what she has learned.

    I really like Obama. I just think he needs to learn and see more, so when he does get the chance, which I think he will, he will be effective.

    Everybody likes someone who can give them pretty feel good words... it is more intimidating when someone is aggressively trying to make things happen though. That is probably why people "hate" her. It is a psychologically proven thing... people are apprehensive of real change. That is why it is so hard to do.

    Oh, and to the crying is weakness guy... do you live in the 50's still, or perhaps in a cave?

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    As somebody else stated, it would be good for Republicans if Hillary Clinton is on the fee ticket by way of fact greater desirable than 50% of human beings hate her with a vengeance and yet another 25% are leery of her, and it is have been given no longer something to do with gender, yet a mix of message, presentation, own bags (lots of scandals in her history no longer even regarding her husband) and an air of superiority.

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    Hillary Clinton represents an old form of politics, I will call this "politics as usual."

    Earlier 2007 Hillary's popularity was greater then it is now. Part of this was because many people liked Hillary (many people still do).

    Its like because she was a "Clinton" she was already popular to begin with because many people remember the 90s ( which were good years btw).

    However, now that everything is winding down now, well with the caucuses, people are starting to research other candidates because its time to make a decision. (This is especially true with the independent voters)

    Now it gets interesting. Obama represents "change on a whole new level" while Hillary does not, which is why she is referred as the "Old guard" by the media.

    Yes, she has her own democratic agenda, yes she will bring about "change", just not in the form the American people want.

    As it stands, "politics as usual" as it has been for ages, will not solve these dangerous issues we are confronted with. Healthcare, social security, the Iraq conflict, etc.

    In order for these problems to be solved/fixed, republicans must work together with democrats, and vice versa. Ofcourse this is rare in Washington. The only time this really happens is when power is divided (balanced) in Washington almost equally, which again is rare. Example : republicans have the presidency, but democrats have more control in congress.

    "Politics as usual" represents more then just the old way, it represents the inability of our country to solve its own domestic problems.

    Obama advocates universal healthcare (socialist healthcare hopefully).Hopefully it will be government run, because healthcare based on profit (current system) is just evil. Clinton does not, she just wants to try fixing the "current system" which economists already have concluded needs a major overhaul and will eventually be unable to sustain the aging population.

    This is why young people are so enthusiastic about Obama, especially college students.

    As for social security? The republicans squandered there chance to overhaul it with complete control of Washington before the democrats took control of congress a year ago. But dont expect any of the democrats to fix that issue, they wont overhaul it, which it should be.

    Its can be solved by the democrats, but social security can be solved by the republicans. For any to be solved...they must work together.

    Clinton is still popular, but her ideas if you really do your research are not enough.

    American politics is entirely too individualistic and selfish and needs to become more collectivist (putting the greater good of all before yourself.) Putting the needs of your own people ahead of your own agenda is what politicians should do. The iraq war represents neglect of domestic problems.

    Obama wants to "bring together", Clinton wants to run the usual democratic agenda, which usually is counter republican, but is that what we really need?

    Okay ill let you decide.

    I am neither republican or democratic, but I would vote for Obama.

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    First off Clinton is a flip flop. 2nd she does nothing but attack Obama rather focus on her so called "change." 3rd she's a hipocrit saying that Obama cant follow through with his words. Lastly she cried when she was losing to Obama...she played the "poor old lady" game so people can feel sorry and vote for her. Crying is a sign of weakness....would you want your leader to be weak and not be able to make decisons calmy?

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    Obama over Hillary any time. Edwards doesn't seem the type that bull shits, if only he could speak a little clearer. He should take a tip from Mitt Romney. Mitt speaks absolute bilther nonsense, and smiles when speaking about the lives of future soldiers in Iraq as if he were selling mosquito nets. He is an expert public speaker.

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    Hillary cause in the 90's she was for universal healthcare but she was a laughing stock. Now i think she is putting on a front but that she still holds the same ideas. And i think generally a woman would do a better job than a man.

    Source(s): I don't know too much about either one.
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    Obama he is more likable and seems to care about people. I think he will unite this country. He is young and has energy, and has new and fresh ideas. Obama has spent years working for change on the State level. If he can make it in Chicago, he can make it anywhere.

    On the other Hand Hillary is power hungry, a liar, dishonest. She failed at Universal Health Care and acts like she is an expert on Health Care. She wants to control our lives by forcing us to have Health Care or face penalties. What's next will she force us to buy fruits and vegetables or be fined.

  • Obama sounds more positive from my view. I would vote for Bill Clinton 100%, but that fact that Hillary uses Bill as a platform make me feel funny about her making great decisions as president. I would like to see her be the VP under Obama.

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