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Do you think Mount Everest is in China, India or Nepal??

i think its in nepal

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    i am from Nepal. mount Everest front part lies in Nepal and back part lies to china, technically lies between china and Nepal, u know few people knew about Nepal,all thinks Nepal is a part of India,it's not true, Nepal is a independent country, largely denominated by super power like India,if something unusual things discovered Nepal , then India claimed this is in our country, if u really gonna visit Nepal, it is a beautiful place to visit like trekking, clime mounteverest, there are lot of Himalayas in Nepal over dozen,i saw your question, that's try to give u some advice,u want to know more about then try in search yahoo. u have lot of package, with hotel, trekking, climbing etc, www. trekking Nepal.com. related to this things, have a nice day, visit Nepal, nice journey.

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    Of course, it lies in nepal.

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    Mount everest is in Nepal

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    It does not touch India, the Himalayas (vaguely) touches China, but Everest is located inside of Nepal.

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    Mount Everest is proper on the border between Tibet and Nepal (the Northern border of Nepal), and can be ascended the two from the Tibetan or the Nepalese facet. Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddharta Gautama) exchange into in accordance to Buddhist traditions born in a small kingdom talked approximately as Kapilavastu, the place his father exchange into the king and needed Shakyamuni to be his inheritor as a king. This kingdom has been placed to the border between Nepal and India (the Southern border of Nepal), and the capital the place he certainly lived, Lumbini, is on the Nepalese edge of the border. Now, the international places we in the present day call India and Nepal are of course much extra moderen entities, and traditionally the section the Buddha got here from is íncluded in what we would call historic/cultural India, which in fact exchange into divided right into a super style of distinctive kingdoms and principalities. Geographically that's on the Indian subcontinent, so in case you're saying the Buddha exchange into from India you notice it from one point of view (the cultural/geographical section) and in case you're saying he exchange into from [latest-day] Nepal you notice it from yet another point of view (latest-day state borders). there is not any conflict between those viewpoints.

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    It is in Nepal, but close to the border of China. It is pictured in the national emblem of Nepal.

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    Its in Nepal!^_~

    First of all it can't be in India cuz Everest is in the border of Nepal and Tibet(China)..

    Its in Nepal but becuz its in border of Tibet n Nepal sum ppl asy that it is Tibet n sum ppl say its in Nepal..


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    dont know why people are confused. 100% Nepal. India is a bad option.

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    It's in Nepal.

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