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What's the difference between the FBI SWAT team and the FBI HRT?

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    There is an entire world of difference between FBI field office SWAT teams and HRT. the HRT responds to threats and serve warrants to wanted terrorist worldwide now. If there is a hostage situation, or plane hijacking here in the States we cannot send Delta, or SEAL Team 6 (military counterterror units).

    In the 80's we realized there was no unit available to counterterror in the US itself (just like Delta, and SEAL 6 does abroad). HRT was then created with cooperation from 1st SFOD or Delta Force and SEAL 6. Since then, most of its 90 man force has been staffed by former counterterror operators. I know one SEAL team 6 member who give up his post in the command to run a part of HRT. And for SEALs the top rung of the ladder is SEAL Team 6 (DevGru). Since its formation they have trained with the free world's elite counterterror units: SAS, GSG-9, GROM, GIGN etc...They have their own helo's and pilots. They can insert by sea , land, and air. No other SWAT teams can do that.

    Edit: Delta has had teams in every national or international hostage or terrorist incident since its conception, but only in adivisor capacity when in the United States. HRT's operators were the ones in Atlanta to actually suppress the riots, Delta was there to advise and observe...Much is to be learned in these incidents, and much is to be gained by having their knowledge and equipment available. The SAS (of course so was Delta) was here to observe Waco too, but they cannot act.

    The Posse Comitatus Act restricts US military involvement in civilian law enforcement duties keeps them from ACTING. That is the one of the main reasons the HRT was formed, to fill that gap. But you bet your @rse they were there. And a whole host of other organizations that would surprise you.

    That is excellent to hear other SWAT teams can insert by the big 3? Who are they?

    Source(s): Army,11 years and counting. 2/75 98-00, 5th SFG 00-present. "Cold Zero" - by Chris Witcomb is a good read on the subject. It might also be the only former HRT member to have written on the subject.
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    SWAT Teams are at the local field offices and help serve warrants and assist local law enforcement in cases that could be made into Federal versus State or Local cases. HRT operates Nationally and even Internationally, their primary mission is as their name describes, they rescue hostages. However they also are tasked with catching high value and highly dangerous fugitives. They had detachments operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are essentially the Nation's Super SWAT, they are all FBI Field Agents with many years on the job before going through the selection process. Due to the high tempo and stress, most Members stay on for only six years or less.

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    Hrt Fbi

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    Each F.B.I. field office has a Number of Special Agents who are on the SWAT team and they assist local departments if requested. The HRT is a totally different monster that is the Hostage Rescue Team I have a buddy of mine who after leaving the Marine Corps went to work for the F.B.I.'s Hostage Rescue Team or HRT. The team is a group of anti terrorism, SWAT, and negotiators who all work on this team they do however fly throughout the nation when needed.

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    Actually Delta Force has been used on American Soil, so I am unsure where you got that information. Delta was officially recognized as being present and active at the Atlanta Prison Riots in the late 80's. There was an entire special about it on the military and the history channel. It is also easily verifiable if you look it up online, among other places. They were used in the Atlanta riots in support of the FBI.

    Also, there are several other SWAT teams in the U.S. who practice land, air and sea incursions.

    I agree, that part of their reasoning in 'trying' not to use Delta is due in most part to the Posse Comitatus. The only problem is the main purpose with PC is to prevent military from enforcing civilian law when not on federal property such as a DoD installation, or one of the hundreds of nuclear launch facilities scattered throughout the west. Responding to an actual branded 'terrorist' event usually blurs the line between civilian law and national security etc. Also, we are all aware the CIA does or has done business in the U.S., even though they have no business doing such. So I think its fair to say that groups like Delta probably do or have done more on our own soil than we would ever know. Thats one of the beauties about being covert.

    LAPD for example, routinely trains in fast roping and helo insertions. They also of course train in all types of land entries, from vans, cars, trucks, armored transport etc. I cannot specifically state whether they train on watercraft or not. I've seen a documentary on Miami SWAT, and due to their location, they train on the big three. I would imagine, most of your actual full time SWAT units who are well funded and have the need train in any environment neccessary. I only say that because the comparitively speaking, full time SWAT units are rare. But the units who do have them, spend extensive amounts of money to train them year round.

    Source(s): USAF Security Forces/ K9/ Reserve Civilian Law Enforcement (me)
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    Special weapons and tactics specialist and female body inspector are totally different! now FBI HRT is kinda the same

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    I do not believe there is any such thing as "FBI SWAT."

    There is an FBI HRT team which is basically the same thing.

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    The HRT is their SWAT team.

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    Nothing really, just a fancy name.

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