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Master painters - best way to get a great finish with GLOSS paints?

Easy with emulsions and flat paints. But how do you get a flawless finish with gloss or semi-gloss paints?

What's the secret - the brush / roller or the technique?

What's your advice, folks?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I assume that you are using oil based paint rather than water based ones (the latter are awfull).

    I paint mdf cabinets for a living and manage to provide a very high qualty finish.

    to do this i use a product called owatroll (it is a mix of turps and linseed oil). Owatroll when mixed in with the paint will retard the drying time, thus enabling you to lay off the paint (spread) more evenly, ie fewer brush marks (tramlines)! the amount need will be a function of the abient humidity and temperature

    Most people make the mistake of using thinners which actually speeds the drying time and results in more coats being required.

    To apply the paint (on large flat areas) I use anza paint pads. The rest are useless.

    Also invest in a quality Wooster synthetic brush (or 2nd best- Purdy).

    To save on brush cleaning between coats use a brush mate storage system. They might cost upto £18 but will save you time/money by not having to clean them between coats.

    Ensure that your surfaces are clean and sand in between coats with 400 grit silicon carbide paper. Remembering to dust off between coats

    Finally buy trade quality paint not the diy stuff.

    it is true that spraying will give you the best finish but this is not always a practical option in the domestic home. too much paint bounce back etc

    BTW for water based paints use floetrol (propalene gylcol) made by the same people who make owatrol

    good luck


  • 1 decade ago

    I paint every day of my life, and with all due respect, I detest Gloss and Semi gloss paints, unless they happen to be on a vehicle.

    As one answer states, Spray is best. I'll add two cents to that saying the smoothest roll on finish will be best attained with a foam roller cover. The issue isn't only about application however. It has to do with a flow rate of a paint substance and a dry time in the process.

    I kinda like the persons answer, in part, who stated a FINE sanding after the fact, almost like an auto painter would do, however that would not work with latex based paints.

    With all due respect to you,,, GREAT and FLAWLESS are relative words.

    Steven Wolf

    Source(s): 45 plus years as a contractor
  • T
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    1 decade ago

    Spray. Second best is what brand and type. A good latex/water-base would be Frazee's Mirrorglide and a good brush (Purdy) any other brand you would need to put some floetrul as an addititive which allows you the time for the paint to dry slower so it could flow and soften the edges. A beautiful oil-base is Enduragloss by Dunn Edwards flows and pretty close to flawless without spraying.

    Source(s): 25years painting.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have found a way to get a nice finish by first applying several coats of the color you want, then sanding it lightly to remove any brush marks or bumps from specks, and then to apply a coat of a thin wipe-on Minwax high-gloss polyurethane with a brush. This brand of wipe on polyurethane is horrible as a wipe-on finish because it dries too fast, but excellent as a brush-on finish because it is so thin, like the consistency of water, so that it levels completely and leaves no brush marks at all.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the only way to get a flawless finish with gloss is to spray it on.y You can use a mohair roller but there will still be a stipple to the finish, and there will always be brush marks if you use a brush

    Source(s): master painter 17 yrs
  • ScSpec
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    1 decade ago

    I don't know how perfect you expect it to be or what you are painting. You might want to use a sprayer. On furniture with glossy clear finish I use my bare hand to spread the finish. Sounds weird but you don't get bubbles, streaks or brush bristles.

  • 1 decade ago

    use a 1/4 nap and roll the entire area before it starts drying and roll the entire top to bottom in one roll or you will get a smeer where you left off, , depends on the color wow tough, flat is easy good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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