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How can i start my own home buisness?

I already know what i want to do i want to sell scrool saw work so basically for people who dont know what scroll sawing is it is an eletric saw with blade that cuts various objects out of wood.... So basically i just needs ome tips on how to get started i have wood and my scroll and i would take requests of pictures or letters..... Anything i should know before i start this? how should i start this? would it be more ideal to have it out of my home? please help!

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    First off you want to research your competition. Are you offering something unique? If not pose as a customer call your competition and request some pricing.

    You need to set a budget - how much will you have for marketing and material expenses.

    Spread the word. Get some business cards made out - not cheap ones! Get a web site up - every reputable company has one - show examples of your word - contact info. resource link etc etc.

    For your first several clients - give them a discount on service in exchange for a 'testamonial' something else good for your web site. Remember the first points are about building a reputation not money - that will come later.

    Post post post - web sites, community papers, etc. (high end marketing will come shortly after when the coin comes in.

    Good luck - I started my own wedding planning company and I did just that - my first couple of brides I gave them a wicked deal in exchange for a testamonial, a reference and a promise to spread the word and it has paid off.

    All jobs you do make sure you take pictures of your work.

    Good luck!


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    I have an uncle who does very detailed scroll work as a hobby. He does some amazing animals. The more detailed you become in your scroll sawing the better success you will have with you business.

    I hope this is your passion! Because passion is what will keep you going for the first year.

    I recommend you gather your best examples and display them in your community. You would be amazed how much help you can get by asking to display your work in small shops and asking to leave your name and a price for your display item. This way you can still work from home until you can afford a separate work shop and display area.

    Later display you work a few new communities close to your town. Spread out your marketing effort, again pretty much free and sole based your excellent work.

    What you are hoping to gain your firs year is experience. What kind of scroll work to people want. How good are you really. Can you improve the quality of your work and work in different woods. Dealing with customers is a whole new world.

    When you do sell an item remember to take very good care of your new customer. Do not offer cheaper prices rather offer the best work you are capable of and be very service minded. What your are working for is word of mouth advertising the most valuable advertising available. It's FREE and it comes with creditability.

    Set a goal a year away on where you want to be in business growth and success. Don't expect to a overnight splash. Plan for long term success.

    Be daring with yourscroll work. Try some scroll saw work that no one else does. Separate your self by quality and fantastic work from any competition.

    Good Luck, Best Wishes.

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    its best to have it in a shop with other stores if you have it in your home not many people will see it if you dont advertise which Can cost a lot of money. look for free business cards that Can save you up to 80 dollars when you get started then switch to the nice cards if you want. make sure you are organized and sort bills and papers well. so organize, buy a place or rent fix up if needed and put up the open sign. o and dont do business with family that's like the number 1 thing. if your gonna do this have it be u only and maybe a employee no friends.

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    They always say that in business there are three things you need to remember. Location. Location. Location.

    If it is passing trade that you require then work in the front of a shop window on a busy high street that is in a pedestrian area. People like to see work in progress with art work. Markets stalls are a good place to start, Seafront shop is down to seasonal work. Craft Fairs have a busy circuit that tours around the country over weekends. Motorcycle/horse/car race meetings have stalls.

    County fairs are always on the lookout to fill tents so are Canal restoration fairs.

    Packaging is going to be a problem as it is stored flat till needed then you have to package your goods, so space would be needed for that as well.

    Make sure that you build a platform to work out the pricing of your goods to establish a fair return. Try to find a supplier from China to supply the most common components to save time and money in your manufacturing.

    Good luck with your business.

    Source(s): I run my own business for the last 10 years after working in my trade for someone else for 25 years
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    One of the first things I would do is make your business legal. If you choose for it to be a sole proprietorship, you need to get in contact with the IRS to obtain a TIN (tax identification number) and also with the Secretary of State. They will issue you your articles for the business. After that, it doesn't matter where you do your work out of as long as you have a principle address.

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    You could easier come up with a step by step guidebook teaching people how to do it. Setup a website and market your guidebook. Promote your guidebook and start to earn some incomes.

    See: if you are interested to know how to do setup an online business properly and get the necessary resources cheap or even free.

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    Try to get some ideas but watch out for those companys that ask for money first!

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    It strikes me that you sound very basic. If you already know what you want to do then go and do it and don't pester me and many other thousands with petty questions. You biff.

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    You need a lot of money, honey.

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