my dad doesn`t understand how much i love my boyfriend?

my dad is a hard judger and doesn`t beleive i need love in my life please HELP!

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    1 decade ago
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    Have you tried sitting down & reasonably talking this out with him? Why is he so against you dating? Does he not think that this guy is a good guy? Does he think that you are too young to date? We need a little more info to go on.

    In any case, your dad is just trying to watch out for you. As an adult male, he's gone through many things & may be afraid that this guy is only into you to get into your pants. He could maybe be spotting problems that you aren't seeing, but should be. You need to talk to your father & see why he doesn't like this guy. Why not invite your boyfriend over for dinner one night so your father can meet him & get to know him? It's hard for a parent to see that their child is ready to date, so it may just be something like that. Whatever you do, don't just go around dating behind your father's back. That's just going to harm your relationship with your father, & that's a relationship that is WAY more important than any relationship you'll have at this stage of life.


    I went through your other questions after seeing that you posted another one that I was answering. I think that your dad is recognizing that this guy is incredibly controlling & is not a good influence. Please be careful about this. It is NOT normal for a guy to yell at you for talking to other guys at all. As a matter of fact, the guys that are willing to scream at you for nothing are usually the guys that end up hitting you. I think that you need to take your father's advice & leave this guy. Controlling boyfriends are NOT people you need to be dating. Trust me, I've had friends with boyfriends that acted this way & none of their relationships ended well. Maybe he can act sweet, but how good is that when he's controlling what you do? That's really not good at all.

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    1 decade ago

    It all depends on how old you are. Believe me...through my experiences in life PARENTS ALWAYS KNOW BEST!!!

    I wish I would have listened when my parents didn't understand me and my situations. We all need love in our lives but if you are young, too much love (from a boy) isn't good.

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    1 decade ago

    how old are you? Looking back, it's usu better to just assume your parents are right, at least until you're out on your own.

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    tell him wrong and its ur life not his {is he married?}

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