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the roman empire vs. the united states?

the roman empire was around for roughly 985 years. the united states has been in existance for 232 years. do you think that the US will last as long as the roman empire? i need reasons including government, society, geography, religion, population, etc.

i was kind of thinking along the lines of armageddon... that the roman empire will probably succeed the US by far...

any ideas?

help greatly appreciated

thanks so much

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    It really isn't accurate to state that the Roman Emprie lasted that long. It changed drastically, was conquored several times by barbarians, was weak. Only in name can you claim that it survived.

    Wheras the United States has been a continuous, stable country throughout all its history. Its only weak point was during the Civil War but we came out of that stronger than before.

    A respondent above said the Roman Empire was a democracy. It never was; it was a dictatorship starting with the Emperor Augustus. Military might determined the line of succession.

    Note that Rome was THE world power. The US has been successful at promoting democracies--thus the democratic ideal is widespread. When you see democracy in France and Italy and Germany today, it is made possible largely because of American influence. My prediction is that Iraq will prove to be another democratic achievement of the Americans.

    The word "armagedon" is absurd in this context. But the struggle for the world's people to become democratic goes on, and the :US will lead that struggle.

    China will be the ultimate goal of receiving American democratic principles.

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    The Roman Empire was in decline for centuries. Hard to say. The biggest threat to the US is the debasement of our currency. If it's a slow decline, then the US could conceivably survive for quite a while. But if the currency collapses quickly, then we could see an end to our "Empire" pretty quickly.

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    Well alex if you want detail, go and search at Googles. Short and sweet of it is as such. Both have had rulers, who put the country through needless wars. Had slaves captured and brought to its shores. Fought to control monopoly of business. Proclaimed it self as the most powerful, after showing its might (deliberately at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, by throwing the most destructive weapon created at that time and are still creating more) during WW11 when Japan challenged it at Pearl Harbor. America may be only 200 years old, but it has already started digging it's own grave by interfering in the national interest of the free world. Imposing bans, etc. Telling everyone not to protect their own national interests, after having just done that for him or herself, speaks for it. Similarities are a plenty, just have to go looking for them.

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    the roman empire & the us both were a democracy and there jury was like the same. the population was big but not that big. they had rivers.

    Source(s): 9th grade studnet just had a test on this stuff and got an 89.
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    i don't think so. in fact, i don't know how long the concept of "nation-states" will survive.

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