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hi ppl, i am planning to buy world of warcraft and need some help. when i try making a free trial acocunt, it says that i have already created too many accounts, and i probably already did. the problem is, i forgot the names and passes for all of them. if i buy the disk, will this become a problem ,and not let me make any morw accounts ever? plz gove me a good long answer on how i can solve this problem, because i really wanna enjoy this game. is there any way i can delete all the profiles i have made even though i dont know them, and if not, will this stop me from making accounts even after i buy the disk and install it? thank u. o ya and, if u have time, can u write down how i pay for the membership, and in what order i would do the things like 1.make a loggin profile, 2.. Like that. ty very much and have a nice day =)

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    This link is where you will set up your account, payment information etc.

    It walks you right through the entire process. If you have trouble with it, you can call the support line. They are really nice and helpful.

    As far as your trial accounts, you cannot transfer anything you did on those accounts to your paid account. You will have to create a new account with a new password. You will also have to make new characters. Don't worry about losing the stuff you've done already, though. With patch 2.3 Blizzard made it much easier to level.

    Source(s): Level 70 resto Shaman and way too many alts
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    hopefully when you buy the disks and use your account CD code, you'll be allowed to create your official account without your trial passwords. if you do have trouble though, there are ways to contact Blizzard and get them to fix your problem. i'm sure they'd be HAPPY to have you as a paying customer. just go here and either fill out the "web form" or send them an email.

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    well no it wont when you buy the disk you will make a different account it wont be a trial account it will be a real account so you will be ok

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    there's a particular version of WoW it is extra properly matched with Vista then the older variations. while buying the interest, look on the edge of the field, on the backside it would say properly matched with ninety 8/ XP/ Vista

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