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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsGeography · 1 decade ago

whats the political party of US states and region?

whats the political party...majority wise...of Iowa and what is the political party of the west, esat coasts northern and southern USA

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    After the most recent Presidential elections, there was a lot of talk about "red states" and "blue states," i.e., states that voted for Bush vs. those that voted for the Democrat, but I think that's sort of a problematic way of looking at things. It's a simplification that makes it sound like everybody in a "blue state" is a Democrat and everybody in a "red state" is a Republican, with no variation, no gray areas, no mixing, and no room for people to change.

    In actuality, Republicans and Democrats are mixed throughout the country. There are trends and tendencies, but that's all. There are still Republicans in the "bluest" of places like San Francisco, and Democrats in the "reddest" of places like Wyoming. And some people may vote for a Republican one year and a Democrat the next.

    If you want to see the general trends, a good place to look is one of these maps of "purple America," that shows county-by-county differences instead of state-by-state differences, and which also shows gradations of purple instead of just straight blue and straight red:

    There you can see there's a lot of variation even within the states. In Iowa's case, for example, it's generally more blue in the eastern part of the state than the western part, which is more red.

    Speaking very generally, the more urban parts of the country, the bigger cities, tend to be Democratic strongholds, while the suburban and rural areas tend to be more heavily Republican, but there are a lot of exceptions. Rural parts of the Deep South with lots of African-Americans tend to vote for Democrats. Rural parts of the West with lots of American Indians or Mexican-Americans tend to vote Democratically, also. Parts of the Upper Midwest and New England tend to vote for Democrats, too.

    Of course, that's just over the last couple of decades. Before the 1960s, the South favored the Democrats very heavily, and New England was more Republican. California was more of a toss-up between Republicans and Democrats through the 1980s, and they have a Republican governor right now. New York City votes reliably for Democrats for President and Congress, but their last two mayors (Giuliani and Bloomberg) have both been Republicans.

    Iowa went for Bush in 2004 but for Gore in 2000, but the results were very close in both cases.

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  • 1 decade ago

    iowa is mostly republican. Dems are in the west coast and the north east along with michigan and Minnesota. generally the rest is republican. New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Florida, Illinois are close calls

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