Could this person be charged with child endangerment?

Two boys (19 & 13) are involved in a Yamaha Rhino wreck. The 13 year old was driving, it was his parents rhino and property. He drives recklessly, cuts a donut and wrecks. The 13 yearold is the only one injured, his arm is disfigured (almost to amputation) and months in the hospital and countless skin grafts are required adding up to $800k in doctors bills. The two boys tell the parents the 13 year old wasn't driving reckless and lawyers become involved to sue yamaha and the boys stick to their "non-reckless" story. The 19 year old boy realizes that he can't lie about what really happened, he will be perjuring himself - a felony. He tells the parents the truth and says he will not lie on the stand and they immediately TEXT him to stick to his original story, which wasn't done under oath and was informal, and that if he doesn't they will have him charged with child endangerment. Parents didn't give perm. to ride rhino, dad left keys in it, was watching 13 boy moments before.


This story took place in Arkansas.

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    If you ask me, any driving at all by an unlicensed 13 year old is reckless.

    And the 13 year old's parents have more responsibility for the endangerment of the child than the 19 year old does. Dad left keys in an "attractive nuisance"--an invite to disaster.

    These parents' poor judgment and supervision allowed their child to be seriously injured and now they want "deep pockets" to pay the medical bills. On top of that, they want the witness to commit perjury.


    The 19 year old should tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth and not worry about these threats. It will all come out in the wash.

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    parents endangerment - they stopped watching, they left the keys in the ignition, and the child is not the older boys responsibility - but the parents.

    It is legal for kids to drive on private property, (not on the public roads) without a license.

    I've seen pictures of a 10 year old girl driving a truck while dad is delivering hay off the back to the animals.

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    the owner of the rhino is the one responsible for anything that happens with it - so if the rhino isn't in the 19 year old's name, he can't be charged with endangerment.

    The parents are trying to get money out of Yamaha, they have investigators and lawyers - they will figure out the truth regardless of what is testified.

  • Gipper
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    The parents are responsible, period. They left the keys in it, so anybody could have taken it for a ride and got injured or injured somebody else. They are just trying to turn it in their favor in hopes they can collect from the manufacturer? lol....

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  • 1 decade ago

    it was an attractive nuisance and leaving keys in a vehicle is not a legal move...the parents are already guilty of threatening and coersion of a witness...the only legal option they have is to drop the case and take their losses....

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