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If anyone has hacked their ipod touch and has the game tap tap revolution, heres my question......?

I hacked my ipod touch the other day and I installed tap tap revolution. When I clicked on itunes library (in tap tap revolution), it would normally bring me to the artists on my ipod music so that I can select a song to play the game to. Then yesterday, around the same time my wifi said It cant find the server for youtube and safari, When I clicked on itunes library, it either brought me to my own songs which was not the way to select songs to play the game to or it just brought me back to home. I can still create my own tap taps to the songs I choose, but I cant play it. Is this because my safari and youtube are not able to work? plz help me with this question.

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    yes i have hacked my ipod touch and you do need wifi for this game becauses other people make these beats and you download them from wifi

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    I purely had to fact (now no longer answer) it does the comparable for me. I easily have A a million.a million.4 Jailbroken additionally. consistent with danger it doesnt artwork on a million.a million.4. the faucet information acquire yet thats it. sorry I cant be of any help...

  • i havnt hacked mine but i have read on here that it is mostly just an offline game so you dont need wi-fi unless you download the songs. maybe its just messed up im not sure sorry

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