How and when did Faron Young die?

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    I was a close friend to Alex Zanitis in hermatage Tn. working at Royal Master Records When Faron shot himself He was a close friend to Alex Owner of Royal Master Records and would visit often I Knew him well.

    Faron Young (born February 25, 1932, near Shreveport, Louisiana, died December 10, 1996), was an American country music singer, predominantly in the honky tonk genre.

    Starting off singing at the local Optimist Club, Young was discovered by Webb Pierce, who brought him to star on the Louisiana Hayride radio program on KWKH in 1951.

    He was drafted into the Army in late 1952, just after he was signed to Capitol Records. Nicknamed "The Hillbilly Heartthrob" and "The Singing Sheriff," he had many hits including:

    "If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')"

    "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young"

    "Sweet Dreams"

    "Alone With You"

    "Hello Walls" (written by Willie Nelson)

    "It's Four In The Morning" (written by Jerry Chesnut).

    "Here I Am In Dallas"

    "I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night"

    Many of his hits were written by the young fiddle player in his band, Cotton Read.

    Young co-founded with Preston Temple the Nashville trade newspaper, the Music City News.

    Young died at the age of 64 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He had been in failing health when he took his own life.

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    How and when did Faron Young die?

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    Self inflicted gun shot wound back in 1996, he was 64 at the time. His health had been failing so he ended his own life.

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    In Dec. of 1996,he shot himself,and died the next day at a Nashville hospital. It was said he was very depressed days before his suicide.

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