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Why don't Professional Wrestlers get the same respect that actors like Jet Li, Bruce Lee, or Jackie Chan get?

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    I am guessing that what you are really asking, is why don't they get respect for their athletic ability and the ability that is required to perform in the way that they do. And I agree, it is a wierd double standard. Jackie Chan is famous for doing all of his own stunts, and it has earned him respect world wide. Last time I checked, Chan does his stunts in front of a camera, with the abiltiy to do multiple takes. Wrestlers do their own stunts in front of live audiences with one shot to get it right. Jet Li and Bruce Lee were famous martial artists who did some movies. Kurt Angle is a real life gold medalist, Mark Henry is a real life Olympian, Brock Lesnar (I know, a little older) is a real life NCAA Heavyweight national champion. The list goes on pretty significantly. I think the reason that wrestlers don't get respect is because so many people have a preconcieved notion about what wrestling is, that they will not consider the difficulty involved in what they do. Personally, I think that wrestlers deserve alot more respect than they get. Granted, the matches are scripted, but last time I checked, the wrestling insustry doesn't deny that the endings are predetermined. Since it is called entertainment for a reason, I think we can still honor the incredable skill involved in effectively faking a fight.

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    i think of that as a Martial Artist. Bruce Lee replaced into greater acceptable to Jackie Chan and Jet Li. He might have kicked their butts anyday. although, the videos he made had great action, yet he wasn't that great of an actor. i think of so some distance as organic appearing is going, Jackie Chan is the wonderful "martial arts actor". His finished carreer has revolved around appearing commencing from chinese language Opera. He presented his very own form of appearing into the Martial arts/ action form. He blended comedy and action jointly to make relatively some the main wonderful action video clips interior the international. Jet Li on the different hand in many situations in basic terms acts like a no longer undemanding guy, does not tutor plenty emotion or communicate plenty in his video clips with the aid of fact he does not have very stable variety as an actor. all people could be put in his video clips and pull off the form of appearing he does. although, his martial arts comprehend-how are astonishing, which makes up for his loss of appearing skills. yet i'm going to assert that he's starting to be as an actor and getting greater effectual. i think of he did a tremendously stable activity in Fearless and conflict approximately exhibiting slightly emotion in his appearing. (additionally, i might desire to show out that Wu Shu isn't necesarrily a struggling with paintings yet a style paintings for public reflects.) so some distance as Jet Li's comprehend-how bypass, Tony Jar of Ong Bak and The Protetor popularity is on his tale. If he sticks with what he's doing, he would desire to be in basic terms as enormous as Jet Li. with the intention to respond to your questions, the wonderful Martial arts ACTOR is Jackie Chan.

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    Well you are comparing them to the wrong actors. Wrestlers are more like soap opera actors that happen to be athletes as well. Soap actors are not given much respect in Hollywood either. I have a ton of respect for wrestlers but the fact is for those out there that don't watch wrestling, they don't care or understand what its about.

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    Some should just because of side professions:

    Trinity, Lita, and Mysterio for stunt work

    Kurt Angle is obviously a gold medalist

    Elijah Burke and Steve Blackman were legitament fighter with decent if not impressive records

    and fake or not it does take ability and skill to huracanranna and moonsault without hurting yourself or oppponents

    beside compared to Hollywood, politicians and Professional sports as of late, wrestlers embaress themselves a hell of a lot less

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    Actually, they get the most important respect that any person from any field or sport can get, and thats their fans.

    Who cares if they don't get respect from the outside world and non-wrestling fans aslong as their peers and the fans give them the proper respect.

    The best respect they can get is that of a wrestling fan, once you lose the respect from a true wrestling fan, then there is no point of being a professional wrestler.

    So to me, thats all that matters........... A True Wrestling fan's respect or disrespect is what counts , anything else is irrevelent !!!

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    bause Jet Li, Bruce Lee, or Jackie Chan say they are actors. but the Wrestlers try to pretend that it is real

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    they do in japan man, they are treated as rockstars over in japan, so much respect is given for the wrestlers.

    a wrestler called kenta kobashi made his return from cancer and they treated him with so much respect that they made reef kind things for him to represent a speedy recovery and when he entered the ring there were streamers for him that shows respect.

    i had a little tear in my eye watching as a wrestling fan.

    Source(s): part 1 of kenta kobashis return match from cancer, take a look at the respect he gets from fans over there. part 2 part 3 part 4 v=zclXW8ctpb4&feature=related part 5 look at that at the end even the heels show respect towards the man and he bows to the crowd to say thank you for the support you have shown me. final part man i cant help but have a tear in my eye
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    i dont know maybe cause they dont act all the time most hits are real same with going through flaming tables or falling oof 20 ft ladders i dont known how too fake those. the worst actor in wrestling is cena his movie suked and when he acts hurt in the ing u can tell how put on it is

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    Because in the whole scheme of acting, they are really REALLY bad. They have a better chance of getting respect from athletes. Besides their drama can hardly be considered acting, all they do is talk trash to each other.

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    Yeah, they should, after all their actors too.

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