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is it wrong go out with my ex bf's best friend?

is it wrong go out with my ex bf's best his friends quite will my ex bf feel if i go out with his friends and why?

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    It is a very cold and heartless thing to get in between peoples friendships. That is not a good place to be, and they BOTH will likely resent you for it later down the road.

    If you REALLY want to get yourself a BAD reputation with men, this is the way to get it - no doubt about it.

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    yes it would be kind of wrong. unless maybe your ex is ok with it.. but odds are if you asked him he would prolly say he didnt care even if he did. How would you like it if your ex went out with your best friend?

    If you have to question weather something is right or wrong, then odds are you already know the answer.

    If you feel you really really have a close connection with his friend that has ground for a long lasting relationship. then wait. if its ment to be, then in a few years you will still feel the same way. If you dont think it has grounds for a long relationship, as in will you guys be together for more than a year? 3 years? married? if not then you could just end up destroying there friendship, as well as yours for no reason.

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    Yes, it's wrong. Why? How would you feel if your best friend started going out with your ex-boyfriend? Honestly? You'd probably feel pretty hurt.

    There's a lot of reasons. The fact that he probably invested a lot of emotions into your relationship being a big one. The fact that he might feel like you betrayed him for his friend. Or that his friend betrayed him.

    If you care about either of them, you'll back off. A girl who loves a guy doesn't want to get between him and his friends. And that's all you'd be doing. And then you'd just be a greedy bee with an itch, wouldn't you?

  • It is wrong to go out with:

    1. Any friend's ex or current boyfriend

    2. Any 1 of your exboyfriend's friends

    3. Any family members ex's or current bf.'s

    4. Any family member

    5. Even if they are just step-family members

    6. Anyone who is married

    7. Any one under 18 (if your over 18)

    8. Any student if your a teacher

    It's late and that's all I can think of now.

    The reason why you ask......because it is just wrong!

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    NO, cause you finished your relationship,if you really like this new guy for all the good reasons and NOT to get back still at your EX then go for it,you dont need your ex-boyfriends approval and you are a free woman to make your mind up about it.You could ask yourself how would you efel IF your EX would date your best friend,you would understand,wouldnt you...

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    might get a bit weird if they start swapping notes....

    seriously, if you're still friends with your ex, ask him - if he's a decent guy he'll be pleased that you showed him enough respect to go to him first. Going behind his back would probably stir up some resentment which could cause trouble between him and his best friend and therefore between best friend and you (if that makes any sense!)

    however, if your ex was a total jerk to you then it might be worth asking yourself if it's likely that his best friend is likely to turn jerk-like as well...

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    If you go out with your exs bf everyone will think you are doing it to be a wench. So dont do it. everyone will mock you for it. Find someone else in a new circle.

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    If you date his friends, you will run into your ex. If you don't mind running into your ex, then don't feel bad. It's on your ex's friends to decide if they are being disrespectful by going out with you.

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    Do you really want to go out with a guy who most likely knows all your intimate stuff and is most likely to pass on more intimate stuff? Guys talk about the girls they've been with.

    I would feel pretty uncomfortable wondering if they are talking about me when they are out together, you know, comparing notes or something.

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    it aint wrong to go out with him but do you care about what your ex thinks? if not then go out with him but if you do then dont but then will his friend actually want to be with you and then loose a friend? but you never know your ex might not mind

    i say go for it

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