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infintiive/gerund form3

my sister practises____________the pino every day.



if there is further news,please let me_____________

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    my sister practises_playing___________the pino every day.

    there is further news,please let me_____know________.


    see explanation as below:-


    These verbs include:

    afford, agree, appear, arrange, ask, attempt, care, choose, dare, decide,

    deserve, expect, forget, happen, help, hope, learn, manage, offer, pretend,

    promise, refuse, seem, threaten, want, wish

    eg: I forgot to do the homework yesterday.

    VERBS + -ING

    These verbs include:

    admit, appreciate, avoid, consider, delay, deny, dislike, enjoy, face,

    fancy, feel like, finish, forgive, give up, can愒 help, imagine, keep, look forward to,

    mind, miss, practise, put off, resist, risk, can愒 stand, suggest, understand


    Andrew admitted cheating in the exam.

    Elena has given up smoking.

    VERBS + INFINITIVE or -ING (兩種forms都可以用)

    These verbs include:

    advise, allow, can愒 bear, begin, continue, forbid, forget, go, hate, intend, like, love, prefer,

    remember*, start, stop*, try*


    I was on my way home when it started to rain = I was on my way home when it started raining

    * with a change in meaning (有* 的詞, 不同form , 意思不同)


    i stopped working--- 我停止了工作.

    i stopped to work- 我停下來去工作了.


    These verbs include:

    advise, allow, ask, cause, encourage, expect, forbid, force, get, hate, help, invite,

    leave, like, love, mean, need, order, permit, persuade, prefer, recommend,

    remind, teach, tell, want, warn, wish


    Dennis persuaded me to go on holiday with him.

    Can you ask the taxi driver to wait?

    hopt it's clear.

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    my sister practises the piano every day.


    如:The young girl practices the violin every day.(那少女每天練習小提琴)

    而if there if further news, please let me know

    這是因為,let之後要用原形動詞(bare infinitive)。


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