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再幫個忙吧 拜託!!各位英文達人 翻譯的 謝謝



不好意思 小女子我又來麻煩大家了 又要翻英文的 這次有點多 真是抱歉 拜託 拜託啦 謝謝各位大俠 鼎力相救 感恩摟~~

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    Frustrates regarding English study and fears, I really have the

    stained history of blood and tear which talks clearly. Moreover, no

    matter is perhaps afterwards went to on English supplementary class in

    the school English course, the general meeting attended class facing

    teacher unceasing presses for an answer the individual character and

    the grammar, after serious is frightened several is next, often was

    makes a getaway, English study also let it go at that

    Still recorded in the past "the conversation class", teacher always

    wanted us as soon as to open the mouth to be able to mention the

    integrity the sentence, the pressure is very big; When is the pairs

    dialogue, two English not good people all as far as possible perhaps

    the extremely extremely simple English get by under false pretences by

    Chinese.Therefore made up the sentence which that many year or applied

    flexibly not to also be able to make, let alone was opens the mouth.

    Now also has this hall "the communication and the lecture", links up

    said to us, a little the barrier, let alone was already the lecture,

    when in the classroom teacher wants the schoolmate to open the mouth,

    but also really did not know how should manage.Each people all silently language, cannot speak several schoolmates,

    teacher definitely has not had 夠 disappointedly, but we really have

    made contribution, the degree is not good, therefore we all not too

    dare to say. And further because for is foreign teacher, is anxious is

    unavoidable. Because you can fear says 夠 is not good, he

    understands.But English most mainly or needs to dare to say, mistakenly again

    said, the repeatedly practice, the revision, believed also can have


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    The setback learned to English and fear, I really can not remember clearly of the spot spot tears of blood history.And, is an English language class in school or go afterwards in spite of up English cram school, the head quarter faces a teacher to have a class to force to ask word and grammar continuously, after being frightenned seriously several times, usually is escape, the learning of English also conclude without concrete result.

    Still record formerly lead up of"conversation lesson", teacher's always wanting our openings can speak complete sentence, the pressure is very big;While ising a pair a pair to have a conversation otherwise, two persons with not good English all mix to pass by Chinese or the very very simple English Meng as far as possible.So repaired so several years still a sentence which lives to use to also build not to come out, don't even say is open mouth.Now has this"communication and lecture" again, the communication has already had a little obstacle to us, don't even say that is a lecture, be a teacher of the classroom to want classmate openings, also really don't know how to do.Everyone isn't all silent language, will speak of have no a few classmates, the teacher is affirmative to have enough be disappointed, but we really made an effort, the degree isn't good, so we all dare to say not too.Again because of ising a foreign teacher, the strain is unavoidable.Because you will fear to speak of not enough good, he doesn't understand.However English mainly stills keep needing to dare to speak most , wrong again speak, repeatedly of practice, modification, believing will also have a progress.


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