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對話內容是: A和B是好朋友 他們兩個都不滿意他們現在的生活 例如:工作 外表 生活 住所 父母.......等


可以編2篇對話給我嗎?主題一樣同上 但內容不一樣......2篇都是要1分半至2分鐘長~(2篇內容可以類似但不要完全一樣 =3=)








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    A: Hey, Bob! What's up!

    B: Not much! Just tired of my life.

    A: What's wrong?

    B: I can't stand my work anymore. The boss is so annoyed and unedcated. He just wants to control everything. Anyway, I am quitting it within 3 months! Hey, how about you?

    A: Well, not better than you. I got huimiliated when I tried to get prove for my vactions this year. The personnel department didn't approve and gave me all the craps. Looks like I also need to start looking for another job.

    B: Well, looks like we all had a bad time at work for the past week. By the way, how is your roommate?

    A: Oh-boy! Finally I can be alone. I couldn't stand that he let his girlfriend came and stay everyday. Come on! It is a two people apartment, not three people apartment. Don't just talk about me. How about your parents?

    B: Well, they are still not happy about me quitting the job. They think I am out of my mind. I believe there is still a long way for me to go with them.

    A: I want to say cheer up, but I can't becuase we are all not in that mood. But remember! Be happy is always a key to a better life, so looks like we need to learn how to let things go and be happy!

    B: Gees! You are right! It is not good to stay in this blue mood. Come on! Let's go to have a drink and relax for the night!


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