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im not sure if i have an anxiety disorder..please answer this!!!?

ok so im 16,and ive always been really shy, ever since i can remember,in school i cant even ask my teachers a question because im worried of what they might say,maybe they think im stupid for not understanding something,i dont like to make phone calls ever or talk to people because then i cant think of anything to say,sometimes i would start freaking out about little things and before when i had to pass in front of a lot of people i started crying and couldnt stop and sometimes when im in school my heart will start racing really fast because there would be so many not sure if this is normal, can anyone tell me what i can do to stop this?? thanks for your answers,

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    It sounds like you are suffering from social anxiety disorder. This is a very common disorder, I can tell you because I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder which is in the same family of anxiety disorder. Understand that this is a mental condition and won't get better on it's own. Luckily there is help out there and you should get some since it sounds as though this is interfering with your daily life. I woud talk to a professional about it and they will guide you to the next step. Good luck!!

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    You are changing rapidly, still growing into your personality, becoming who you will be. School presents an intense if limited range of social situations and customs while seeming to insist on participation as if it were a matter of life and death. Some amongst your peers thrive in the school environment, having found perhaps that they possess an inate affinity for those customs and social dictates. It is hard to have to compare yourself with them, since you are by nature less inclined toward such an environment than they. In your future, high school will be revealed as a culturally very small and rather constricted place. Do not worry if it's not for you, the broader world offers enough that you will quickly forget what all the fuss was about.

    Don't ever judge yourself too hard when the standards are not your own. In the end you must determine what is important for you and when you do you will be prepared to work for it. Fears about sounding stupid or not having anything to say will no longer have any power over you. This will be true whether or not you have a social anxiety disorder and receive medication and counseling.

    Take charge now and seek advice from everyone, your parents, school career guidance office, your friends, people you see doing things that look interesting to you. People will help you, they will be glad you asked and proud to be of assistance. Once you discover your way you will not be easily stopped.

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    It sounds like you have social anxiety disorder. Passing out and panic attacks would make it seem this way.

    However, I too am very shy and I very much dislike getting up in front of large groups of people. But it got better for me as I did more and especially when I got to college.

    So, unless these anxiety attacks are putting your life into danger, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's normal to be nervous in social situations.

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    you may have some kind of phobia, similar to agoraphobia which i have. talk to a counsellor or buy some books on the types of phobias there are, even try the world wide web, you might be able to find some tips or even meet people with teh same problem good luck! and remember just because you need to talk to someone about it does not mean you crazy!

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    Are you basically afraid of being embarrased in social situations?

    It is NOT normal for a teenager, don't listen to them.

    You may have Social Anxiety, just like me.

    I suggest you go to counseling and talk to someone, it helped me out LOADS.

    Good luck and if you need to talk or anything, send me a message.

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    You probably have social anxiety disorder. It's very common. You can try medications like Paxil etc. to help you get more comfortable but I wouldn't recommend them because they mess w/ your brain chemistry amd might leave you w/ bad side effects. The best thing is just (as hard as it sounds) to confront your fears and try to be around and talk to people more and eventually you will get used to it and your fear will fade away and it will become common everyday life. You might want to talk to your parents or a counselor/psychiatrist about this they can help you.

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    I would strongly suggest you talk to your parents guardians or your family doc...anxiety can be debilitating and there is help out there. It doesn't always involve meds so start moving forward with your life so others can get to know what a beautiful person you are!!! I have dealt with it myself and both my children have signs so I am monitering them closely.

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    I am recovering from panic attacks, anxiety and agoraphobia so I know what you are going through. There are so many things that you can do to help yourself get through these things that don't require meds. I am taking meds and wish I never started taking them. I write in my blog about anxiety and panic attacks and ways that I cope. Feel free to read it. Its great therapy for me to write there. Things do get better trust me!

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    It's pretty normal for a 16 yr old.

    If your grades are poor or slipping, or you are unable to get out of the house, then that is when you should consult a Health Care professional.

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    you may have anxiety or this may be a should talk to your mom or dad about this.... then go to a phycologist... you may need some help sweetie !!! good luck . :)

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