Has anyone heard of the artist Et Al?

One of my students once listed a group of artists on the cover of a project: Picasso, Braque, Et Al. I jokingly said to her "Who is this Et AL?" She replied "Oh, he's very famous; he's in all the books." Have you any similar incidents to report?


Yeah, amy, A.Nonymous is the one journalists use "...it was reported that...it is well known that...the robber was seen..."

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    Yeah, that must be the same guy who does all those scientific and medical research papers, too! Sure gets a lot done, doesn't he? And in countless fields. He must be some sort of Renaissance man, more prolific than Leonardo da Vinci!


    Reminds me of some e-mail that went around a while back, about things students wrote in their papers and on their tests. I wonder if I can dig it up somewhere? Hmmm...

    Edit: Ah, here's one:


    by Dana Mulhauser

    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Those who misremember history are doomed to be mocked by their professors. In a new book, Non Campus Mentis (Workman Publishing), Anders Henriksson, a history professor at Shepherd College, has collected hundreds of student flubs, goofs, and gaffes on exams.

    Hitler was married to Evita. Florence of Arabia fought over the dessert. And everyone in the Middle Ages was middle-aged.

    The examples come not just from students at the West Virginia College, but also from clueless students around the United States and Canada, forwarded to Mr. Henriksson by their professors.

    Mr. Henriksson's personal favorite came from one of his own students, who believed that the airplane had been invented by The Marx brothers. "I have an image in my head of Harpo and Wilbur flying a plane," he says. Here are other excerpts from his book of history gone awry:

    Judyism was the first monolithic religion. It had one big God named "Yahoo."

    Spartacus led a slave revolt and later was in a movie about it.

    Machiavelli, who was often unemployed, wrote The Prince to get a job with Richard Nixon.

    Columbus came to America to install rule by dead white males over the native peoples.

    Copernicus showed that the solar system rotates around the earth.

    Americans, of course, wanted no involvement in the French and Indian War, because they did not want to fight in India.

    Combatants in the French Revolution demanded liberty, equality, and fraternities.

    The Civil War began in 1830. Many soldiers repeatedly gave their lives for their country.

    England's rulers vainly hoped for "peas in our time."

    The civil-rights movement in the United States turned around the corner with Martin Luther Junior's famous "If I Had a Hammer" speech.

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    I guess it's like that famous author/poet Anonymous! Liked your question, made me smile.

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