guitar tapping?

does anyone know some good teqniches for guitar tapping

because im still learning.

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    1 decade ago
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    (Edit: I forgot that, callouses are crucial, they toughen the skin, if you haven't developed any it will just be painful to play, but tapping is also a great way to develope them.)

    Oh I'm in love with tapping, so addicting as well, I can try to give you a thorough explanation.

    Start with something simple, don't rush it.

    (Crazy train is a good one to learn once you got the basics down, the beginning tapping in the solo at least)

    But for this, try starting on 12, 15, and 17 on the B string (2nd thinnest, you probably know this though, but making sure)

    I use my left pointer finger on the lowest note, so try that first I'd say, put your pointer finger on the 12th, then depending on the distance I put either my middle or ring finger on the next one, same hand. I use ring for this one.

    Now with your pointer finger on your RIGHT hand, go to the 17th fret.

    You should always have the 12th fret held down, because that is practically turned to an open string, just hold it down and it will play on its own practically.

    Now with your finger on the 17th (Right Pointer Finger), play the 12th note by just brushing the string, I use the mid/side of my finger for this, some online videos would help likely.

    So you should have played the 12th note.

    Now hammer onto the 15th with your ring finger on your left hand.

    So it should be a 12 to 15 note.

    Then while hammering onto the 17th to finish the cycle, push off to restart the cycle once you have gone through all notes, it is all timing, practice makes perfect, it may seem hopeless at first, but keep at it. It is worth it.

    That is at the least how I do it, put your own style into it, originality is what music is all about. Or should be.

    From what I see you know how to, but I figured giving exactly how I tap, down to a beginner lesson, might help make it easier to understand where I'm coming from in certain parts if you don't do it that way.

    Honestly though, listen to Randy Rhoads. The songs Mr. Crowley and Crazy Train to be more specific.

    The solos are great tapping.

    Metallica tends to do picktapping, I haven't bothered with that much, so sorry, I can't help you much there, but it is using a pick for what above I had as the right hand pointer finger, if you can do it right, it will be loads faster, though sometimes with a loss of quality.

    Examples are One, Master of Puppets (Not entirely sure, it may have been sweep picking, it's been a while), and I believe Fade to Black has some... I can't be sure.

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    any guitar is suitable for any genre, remember that. all that matters is whats being played, and that it sounds good. my guess is that the les paul probably has low output pickups, while your kramer has high output pickups. if i am right, all you're gonna have to do is add a little more force when you tap in your les paul

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    1 decade ago

    Not much technique to it. Hit em hard at first till you get calluses that will make it easier.

    Source(s): Twenty years at guitar
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