Why didnt they ever make a 4th season for the show Roswell?

i know Roswell is a really old show but i barely watched all three seasons. and i think they should have done a 4th season but they didnt So i just wanted to know why they didnt do a 4th season. i just fell in love with this show!

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    There are many answers to your question and the 'truth' depends on who you talk to...

    1. Many cite low ratings caused by bad writing... I made a list once of all the Producers, Writers, and Directors... A friend has it on-line here> http://thesmudge.com/shapeshifter/ Roswell/transcripts/ producers.htm... (Evidently the link is too long... You'll have to copy and paste the link then take out the "..." and 2 spaces.) As you can see there was little consistency... (1a) Also, some of the writers had never actually watched and episode of Roswell before they wrote an episode!

    2. Network interference... Long suspected by the common folk... Publicly explained by Marshall Herskovitz (TV Producer) as follows:

    "It started in 1995 when the Federal Communications Commission abolished its long-standing "finsyn" rules (that's financial interest and syndication, for those unfamiliar with the term), allowing networks for the first time to own the programs they broadcast. Before that, under classic antitrust definitions, the networks had been confined to the role of broadcaster, paying a license fee to production companies for the right to broadcast programs just two times. The production companies owned all subsequent rights. In the mid-1990s there were 40 independent production companies making television shows. If a particular network didn't like a show -- as famously happened with "The Cosby Show" many years ago -- the production company could take it to another network.

    But not after 1995. The abolition of the old rules set in motion an ineluctable process, one that has negatively affected every creative person I know in television. Today there are zero independent production companies making scripted television. They were all forced out of business by the networks' insistence -- following the FCC's fin-syn ruling -- on owning part or all of every program they broadcast.

    The most profound change resulting from that ruling is the way networks go about the business of creating programming. Networks today exert a level of creative control unprecedented in the history of the medium.! The stories my friends tell me would make me laugh if the situation weren't so self-defeating. Network executives routinely tell producers to change the color of the walls on sets; routinely decide on the proper wardrobe for actors; routinely have "tone" meetings with directors on upcoming pilots; routinely give notes on every page of a script. (When we did "thirtysomething" in the late '80s, we never received network notes.) And by the way, they have every right to do these things. As owners, they have a responsibility to satisfy themselves that their product is competitive and successful."

    3. The cast wanted to leave the show... Well boo-hoo... They signed 7 year contracts and would have had to honor their contracts... As for Colin Hanks being written out of the series... An inside source said it went down this way... "Colin wanted to do the movie "Orange County"... He really didn't want to leave Roswell"... There must have been a conflict with him doing both so he was written out of Roswell.

    4. UPN paid big bucks for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Roswell was almost free... I forget the $$$ but lets just say Buffy cost about 5 times as much as Roswell and Buffy got a stronger contract too... But UPN was disappointed with Buffy and liked Roswell more... (They even hired extra mail room help for February to handle the Renewal Campaign Tabasco Sauce that they thought would deluge them... Sadly the Renewal Campaign was different that year)... In 2002 UPN wanted to cancel Buffy and keep Roswell... I guess they couldn't afford to keep both going... But Josh Whedon threatened to sue (Gotta love a guy that fights for his show)... So in the end it was Roswell that got the axe.

    As you can tell I was (and still am) very involved with the Roswell community. No other show has ever changed my life in so many ways! If you'd like to post with other Roswell fans check out the Roswell board at FanForum.com... http://www.fanforum.com/f12/ ...



    Source(s): 1. Opening and closing credits of Roswell. 1a. A Roswell writer that I personally know. 2. LA Times article by By Marshall Herskovitz, November 7, 2007. 3. & 4. Locations Manager for Roswell.
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    Why didnt they ever make a 4th season for the show Roswell?

    i know Roswell is a really old show but i barely watched all three seasons. and i think they should have done a 4th season but they didnt So i just wanted to know why they didnt do a 4th season. i just fell in love with this show!

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    Roswell Tv Show

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    Hello,Good for you to remember a really fun show to watch. Perhaps Roswell should have ended earlier than it did because the last few episodes were not at all believable. The first two years were very interesting and even the characters were excited about their roles. I think when Colin Hanks wanted to leave the show, and the producers killed him, we the audience should have seen the writing on the wall. No one was really watching the show except the die-hard alien believers. The last season the producers pushed the show out the door as fast as they could-look at the fast wedding between Liz and Jesse. And it was foolish to think Isabel would leave her husband Jesse and flee to Boston without him. Most of the cast are huge stars now-Katherine Heigl,Adam Rodriguez, Emil de Ravin,and Brandan Fehr-from Lost, to CSI Miami, to Gray's Anatomy. It was a great show but the writers didn't know where they were going with the story. I miss the show too.

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    didnt 4th season show roswell

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    It was actually originally going to be canceled after the second season due to low ratings, but FOX talked them into doing a third season. It was packaged with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but still not enough people were watching it, so it was canceled.

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    it was cancelled both bc of low ratings and it was picked up when it moved to the upn network. the ratings went even lower so they let it go. i also thought it was a great show. but i thought the storylines did start to get a little convuluted and not believable at all. so i'm glad they ended it before it got any worse.

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    Low ratings

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    They need to why make tv shows if your not even going to finish them !

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